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Dennis Nedry is back and in action figure form with this SDCC 2020 Barbasol Can Exclusive The figure itself stands 3.75" tall and features him in his Hawaiian outfit from the beginning of Jurassic Park He will come with a could accessories like a bag, pie, and a Barbasol Can The Barbasol Can plays an[...]
Jurassic Park Amber Collection Adds Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus
Dinosaur fans will be able to get their hands on Dennis Nedry and the poison spitting Dilophosaurus These figures will be single releases and not a two-pack However, they defiantly go together with the accessories included For Dennis Nedry, he comes in at 6" tall and will come with interchangeable hands and a second head[...]
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Every so often, Twitter can be a magical place of shared amusements and enthusiastic love of something. Josh Gad is no stranger to that part of Twitter, and he teased Jurassic Park fans in the worst way with his post with Wayne Knight. Can't wait to share the family drama Jurassic prequel we've been working on ⁦@colintrevorrow⁩ — Josh Gad[...]