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Detective Comics #1027 Is Not The Thousandth Batman Issue&#8230

Detective Comics #1027 Is Not The Thousandth Batman Issue…

DC Comics has been promoting the upcoming Detective Comics #1027 as an extra-sized thousandth issue Detective Comics featuring Batman, since Detective Comics #27 in 1939 However, as all pedantic Millenium celebrants from 2001 know well, this is not the case If Detective Comics #27 was the first appearance of Batman in the series, then #1027[...]

Jim Lee Marc Silvestri Adam Hughes Cover Detective Comics #1027

Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Adam Hughes Cover Detective Comics #1027

We looked at the first five covers to Detective Comics #1027 on Bleeding Cool the other day, as we pointed out that the next Batman event to follow Joker War and Death Metal will begin in the extra-long issue, and that it also confirms the cancellation of the Generations series with this prebiew as at[...]

DC Confirms Generations Is Cancelled In Detective Comics #1027

DC Confirms Generations Is Cancelled, In Detective Comics #1027

Not one copy seems to have escaped.[caption id="attachment_1249885" align="aligncenter" width="600"] DC Confirms Generations Is Cancelled, With Detective Comics #1027 Preview[/caption]Instead it was rewritten and included in the Flash Forward collection While Generation One, the only other volume that had been solicited before Dan DiDio left, was cancelled and not resolicited However, it appears that one[...]

The Next Batman Event Begins In Detective Comics #1027

The Next Batman Event Begins In Detective Comics #1027

And it all begins with Detective Comics #1027, a ten dollar founding father without a father comic book celebrating the 1000th consecutive issue of Detective Comics after Batman was introduced And asking three questions?Who murdered Gotham's most corrupt police officer? What does The Joker's annual visit mean for Bruce Wayne? What WayneTech mystery will[...]

Detective Comics #1027 Tiny Peek With Rossmo Reis Mora and Zdarsky

Detective Comics #1027 Tiny Peek With Rossmo, Reis, Mora and Zdarsky

Here's the tiniest look ahead at the ten dollar Detective Comics #1027, out in September from DC Comics, showing the past, present and future of Batman With some teensy-tiny pics.. with art from Riley Rossmo...And from Ivan Reis, Dan Mora and Chip Zdarsky Nice and tiny...Here's the full solicitation: DETECTIVE COMICS #1027 written by BRIAN[...]

Detective Comics #1027 Will Show Batmans Future

Detective Comics #1027 Will Show Batman's Future

Detective Comics #1027 from DC Comics, to be published on September 15th will make for a sequel of sorts to Detective Comics #1000 Famously Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939 and now its a thousand issues later.A special 144-page $10 issue will attempt to highlight the “Detective” in Detective Comics as Batman[...]