Second Printings for Star, Ruins Of Ravencroft and Diana: Princess of The Amazons

Marvel Comics are sending two - just two - comics back to the printing mill this week, Star #2 and Ruins Of Ravencroft #2, second printings both out for April 1st.Whereas DC Comics is reporting that Diana: Princess of the Amazons, their middle grade graphic novel by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and Victoria Ying, is headed back to[...]

Japanese Trailer For Oliver Hirschbiegel's Diana

Earlier this year a Japanese teaser trailer for Diana was released online Those responsible for the marketing of the film in Japan made some slightly different choices to those marketing it in the U.S We now have another Japanese trailer for the film and again it takes a slightly different approach.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vioxYLyqkE[/youtube]The opening of that trailer[...]

Full Trailer For Diana – A Series Of Moments Hammered Home

All films are made up of moments, of course, and a trailer more so, emphasised because they're presented in isolation.The ones selected for this second, longer trailer for Diana are very much one the nose, though It feels like having your nose honked rhythmically for a couple of minutes.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUY-Exe2BWY[/youtube]The story of Diana's romance with Hasnat[...]

Japanese Trailer Offers A Different View Of Diana

I wouldn't be surprised if Oliver Hirschbiegel's Diana does some pretty decent business around the around the world but the difference between a modest profit and an extraordinary box office result is going to come down largely to how effectively the film is marketed in each country This new Japanese trailer for the film offers not just[...]

Trailer: Naomi Watts Is Diana, Princess Of Wales

I wasn't sure if I could call her Princess Diana but apparently so I guess Diana Spencer was the Princess of Wales even after the divorce from Charles Windsor I wonder if the Welsh still had to bow and scrape and sacrifice seven virgins to her every harvest?This trailer seems to have two missions in[...]