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Marvel Puts 19 Digital-Only Comics Into Print After All
Bleeding Cool previously posted plans by Marvel Comics to post final issues of comic book series or mini-series as digital-only titles, only possibly printing them as part of an eventual collection These included Ant-Man, Avengers Of The Wastelands, Ghost-Spider, Ruins Of Ravencroft, 2020 Ironheart, 2020 Force Works, The Black Cat Strikes, Hawkeye Freefall, Star, Scream:[...]
Marvel Confirms Valkyrie, Scream, Cosmic Ghost Rider as Digital-Only
Bleeding Cool has been following plans by Marvel Comics to make certain titles digital-only We reported the announcement that Ant-Man, Star, Iron Heart, Ravencroft, Avengers Of The Wasteland, Hawkeye Freefall, Ghost-Spider and The Black Cat Strikes digital-only, wither for minj-series or for ongoing series that would no longer be ongoing, just wrapping up their story[...]
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Marvel Comics may not be returning to sending out comic books for another week, but they are publishing a number of no-longer-print-now-digital-only (NLPNDO) titles today (and did we predict the following ones to come?) as well as a number of Marvel digital-only collections that have not been offered in print at all They have a[...]
Bleeding Cool reported on plans for Marvel Comics to make a number of their titles digital-only, and begin publishing them this week They were all mini-series or series with a (now) impending ending It was not well received by retailers, who had ordered previous issues of the comic and were now being denied the chance[...]
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Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on Marvel Comics making a number of their incomplete mini-series, or series that were coming to an end, digital-only They will only see print in eventual collections, months away, if that These are books that retailers were planning to sell, now withdrawn from print, and leaving print readers with incomplete series[...]