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Dishonored 2 Gets Some Mindbending Gameplay Featuring The Clockwork Mansion
I got to play Dishonored 2 at EGX, and while I wasn't too excited for it before playing, it has now shot up my most anticipated list I played the Clockwork Mansion mission, which has you exploring and ever changing building, with halls that shift and change around you It was absolutely glorious. You can[...]
Dishonored 2 Gives Corvo Some Love In New Gameplay Trailer
Dishonored 2's marketing up to this point has been focused pretty heavily on Elizabeth The game is set to feature both her and the first game's protagonist, Corvo as playable, but up until now, the latter hasn't been shown off too much. To rectify that, here is a brand new trailer for the game showing off[...]
Dishonored 2 has a lot to live up to The first was well beloved, and kicked off probably one of the most exciting AAA Fanchise to be birthed in the last few years. Understandably then, people want to get their hands on the game and start mashing away at it… and you can soon If you,[...]
Dishonored 2 Footage Has Slipped Out Thanks To A TV Spot
I can barely keep up and we've not even started a press conference yet! This time Dishonored 2 is the one with the spoils This TV Spot has supposedly leaked out showing off some footage for the game We are meant to be getting a much deeper look into the game come tonight at Bethesda's press[...]
Dishonored 2 Gets Its November Release Date
Dishonored 2 has been a little quiet recently Since the game's announcement at E3 last year, it has been a little quiet, only rearing its head for little bits of news here and there. We can expect that to change very soon With E3 on the horizon, we now know exactly when we will be getting[...]
Dishonored Definitive Edition Launch Trailer Is Pretty Yet Bloody
Dishonored was one of the very best games of 2012 In my estimation, it remains one of the most fascinating new IPs of the last five years. If you haven't played it, I think you definitely should In fact, why not try the Dishonored Definitve Edition It hits the U.S today, and will hit Europe on[...]
Emily Kaldwin Is The Focus Of New Dishonored 2 Video
The reveal of Emily Kaldwin as a playable protagonist in Dishonored 2 at E3 was a big moment It showed exactly where Arkane Studios were taking this story and the the commitment it was making to these characters. While the first game's protagonist Corvo is playable, most of the pre-release coverage has been centred around Emily[...]
Dishonoured 2 Dev Discuss The Choice Of Playing As Corvo Or Emily
One of the big announcements from Bethesda's press conference at E3 wasn't just that Dishonored 2 is coming, but also that you can play as Emily Kaldwin too You get a choice too, meaning you can play as the first games protagonist Corvo or instead choose to go with Emily Caldwell as your protagonist. Speaking to[...]
Dishonored 2 Announced With Playable Female Protagonist
Dishonored really captured my imagination when it came out in 2012 It was refreshing new AAA IP at a time when the industry was stuck in a gritty, grey shooter funk. That's why I'm super excited to take a trip back to Dunwall in the newly announced Dishonored 2 Bethesda announced the new game was coming[...]
Dishonored 2 May Have Been Outed On A Bethesda Twitch Stream
This is a totally weird story. It seems that we can expect to see Dishonored 2 at Behtesda's E3 Conference tomorrow night How do we know that? Well, due to a bizarre mix up with Bethesda on Twitch. Supposedly the developer's channel went live by accident earleir today, and during that time, it was overheard that Dishonored[...]