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Amelia Cole and the Barnstorming Second Season: An Interview with Team Amelia
Knave and DJ Kirkbride, artist Nick Brokenshire, letterer Rachel Deering and flatter Ruiz Moreno about season 2 and their plans for season 3. BC: So, here we are at the end of season 2 When we last talked you were very motivated to let people know about the change in format How's that worked out? APK: Oh[...]
Review: Amelia Cole and the Unknown World TPB
The first is Adam P Knave and DJ Kirkbride's script It's nimble, light-footed story telling that sets the world up in under one issue and then explores it through character rather than info dump They have huge fun with Amelia's new home and as a result, so do we, as we watch her struggle to[...]
Five Things About Amelia Cole And The Hidden War
The image of a full on Kaiju smackdown between Corgizilla and the newly humongous Lemmy is gleefully ridiculous but, Adam P.Knave and DJ Kirkbride's script balances that with the human cost of the fight Smart, character-driven action with added Rubble Golem/Kaiju Dog fistfight Awesome. 4.Amelia's Eyes The second issue shows us the original Lemmy and then rips[...]