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Thrilling Comics Featuring Doc Strange On Auction At Heritage
The cover of Thrilling Comics #4 from Standard/Better/Nedor seems to be channeling at least a couple of early issues of Action Comics on the cover, and the interior Doc Strange story has the character progressing from his Doc Savage-style origins a bit and much more towards Superman as well Featuring 68 pages of action and[...]
America's Best Comics #1 (Nedor Publications, 1942)
Anthology titles combining stories featuring a publisher's best characters was a standard practice of the Golden Age.  DC Comics had World's Finest Comics and All-Star Comics, Fox Feature Syndicate had Big 3, and Marvel/Timely had All-Winners Comics, for example.  In 1942, Ned Pines' Standard/Better/Nedor followed suit by launching America's Best Comics, featuring the Black Terror,[...]