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White Noise Adapts a Difficult Novel with Hilarious, Surreal Results
Don DeLillo's award-winning 1985 novel White Noise has been a white whale for many filmmakers since the 1980s It's a dense, non-naturalistic satire of 80s consumer culture, academia, and apocalyptic existential dread that many critics have deemed unadaptable for the screen Somehow, Noah Baumbach got to make the movie that has eluded so many others, with[...]
Cosmopolis – The Other Bleeding Cool Review
Since it doesn't work, it is two hours of Robert Pattinson sitting in a limousine with a rear-projection of New York outside, recording an audiobook of the Don DeLillo novel upon which the film is based. The uninspired screenplay aside, Robert Pattinson's performance is what ultimately drags Cosmopolis down, though it should be noted that this[...]