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Blizzard Issues a Statement on Racially Insensitive Cosplay
Today, Blizzard has finally addressed a racially insensitive event that took place on one of their official Overwatch streams this week. Kim "Binbon" Jin Young was one of several presenters who took part in a bit of cosplay on the stream, only his choice wasn't the best as he dressed up in blackface to look like[...]
Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra Get Tweaked In Latest Overwatch Update
Good news for those of you who play Doomfist and Mei, but bad news for Sombra fans, as Overwatch just loaded up all the changes they had been working with on the PTR to the main game today We have the full details of the heroes below, and you can check out the full amount[...]
If you love playing as Mei, Hanzo, Doomfist or Sombra, you might wanna take a moment to see Jeff Kaplan's latest Developer Update video The first big change comes to Mei, as they'll be increasing her freeze time on her primary shot, as well as giving her additional icicle blasts from her secondary shot as[...]
A lot of people still seem to be miffed over the idea that Terry Crews didn't get added to Overwatch as Doomfist We're not entirely sure why this is a sticking point with so many, it isn't like the current voice actor (Sahr Ngaujah) is bad or anything, but when people have celebrity crushes for[...]
Blizzard Finally Announce When Doomfist Will Join 'Overwatch'
It's been a long time coming in the fans eyes, but next week, you'll finally have Doomfist on the main Overwatch roster as a playable character Today, Blizzard released a behind-the-scenes look at Doomfist and how the character came to be, along with announcing that he will officially be added to the game on July[...]
Watch This 'Overwatch' Player Fight As Doomfist With A Punching Glove
The amount of Overwatch hype behind Doomfist's arrival has slowly started to evaporate as people now experiment with a character who kinda lives up to the hype, but also kinda doesn't And that's totally okay, because not everything that people built up in their heads can survive what you pictured in your head But for[...]
'Overwatch' Players Have Discovered A Funny Tactic Against Doomfist
If you've been playing on the Overwatch PRT servers, chances are every single match you've been playing lately has been with people experimenting with Mercy's ultimate and everyone else trying out Doomfist The character is an instant hit with many people on the server, but like a lot of characters, there's just no escaping one[...]
Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Doomfist, the latest hero to join the Overwatch lineup, is now love on the PTR (Public Test Realm) One of the most anticipated heroes to join the game, Doomfist's cybernetics make hi a highly-mobile and powerful frontline fighter He can do ranged damage with his Hand Cannon, slam the ground[...]
At Long Last, Doomfist Is Finally Teased On The 'Overwatch' Website
Here's a quick reminder, in case you've already forgotten about it having passed this scene hundreds of times now. You can read the full blog post here, but the short version of it all is that Akande Ogundimu, the man known as Doomfist, was broken out by Talon (that scary organization that may or may not be[...]
We May Be Getting Doomfist In 'Overwatch' Sooner Than Later
Doomfist By far, of everything Overwatch fans have been demanding and salivating over, this character has been one of the longest teasers in the game's brief history Every time someone brings up the character's name, it just seems like the never-ending speculation of who they are and what we'll get continues You could make a weekly[...]
Overwatch Introduces Newest Hero – And It's Not Doomfist
The rumor was that we'd be getting Doomfist and it would be voiced by Terry Crews… but then Blizzard released a few teasers and it was obvious they were going a different direction. Introducing Orisa – a new tank hero created by robitics expert Efi Oladele after she witnessed an attack by Doomfist[...]
Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Character
It was originally assumed by many that the next hero for the Overwatch game was going to be Doomfist, but after Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan came out and said that the next character is not who we think it is, folks have been scrambling to figure out who it will be So either Efi or a[...]
Maybe Overwatch's Next Hero Isn't Doomfist
The assumption has been that the character would be the much anticipated Doomfist, a character that has been teased since the very first cartoon debuted at Blizzcon in 2014 The cartoon showed Widowmaker and Reaper trying to steal Doomfist's glove while Tracer and Winston try to stop them In the game, protecting or steal Doomfist's[...]
Terry Crews Really Really Wants To Be Doomfist
Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews is an avowed Blizzard fan and recently made an undeniable case for his desire to be Doomfist. For those not paying attention to the world of Overwatch, the character of Doomfist goes back to a reference made in the first animated Overwatch short that took off among fans[...]