Terry Crews Really Really Wants To Be Doomfist

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews is an avowed Blizzard fan and recently made an undeniable case for his desire to be Doomfist.

For those not paying attention to the world of Overwatch, the character of Doomfist goes back to a reference made in the first animated Overwatch short that took off among fans. Blizzard fleshed out the character's backstory – mostly within the Numidian map – as a generational character similar to DC's Green Lantern.

Crews, as a fan of the game, put together a mock audition for Doomfist. Honestly, its not a bad casting choice and his recent sightings at Blizzard HQ suggest that this might be more than just a mock audition. His audition is below:

What I personally find strange about this whole thing is that Forbes apparently covered this? And they are betting that Crews will in fact voice the character. Probably a safe bet.

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