Watch This 'Overwatch' Player Fight As Doomfist With A Punching Glove

The amount of Overwatch hype behind Doomfist's arrival has slowly started to evaporate as people now experiment with a character who kinda lives up to the hype, but also kinda doesn't. And that's totally okay, because not everything that people built up in their heads can survive what you pictured in your head. But for one gamer, they've taken an expectation and a dream and made it an awesome reality.


Below is a clip from a Texas player named ATwerkingYoshi on Twitter. He jerry-rigged a Wii remote controller to the back of a boxing glove on his PC, to turn Doomfist's punch effect into a real punch you can aim and fight with. The footage itself looks awesome; he controls the primary fist weapon with his right arm for long targets and uppercuts while using a knuckle remote in the left hand to maneuver and use the built-in gun on the left hand.

That's some amazing ingenuity, and if I were Blizzard and the Overwatch team, I'd be hitting this kid up to give him Doomfist merch for making the character more interactive.

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