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Square Enix Will Hold A "Dragon Quest IX" Anniversary Stream
This coming Thursday, Game TV will be holding a special 10th Anniversary livestream for Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies The announcement was made on Game TV's official Twitter account, letting fans know that they would be bringing in four special guests to talk about it They include Dragon Quest IX producer Ryuutarou Ichimura[...]
The "Dragon Quest" Team Are Hiring To Work On A New Game
Do you have any ambition to work on the Dragon Quest series or possibly work on the next game? Good news! Square Enix appears to be hiring A couple of different websites picked up on the new listing, which you can see here, as they are currently looking to fill several positions Those include a[...]
Square Enix Shows Off Dragon Quest Builders 2 at PAX East 2019
In case you'd like to try out Dragon Quest Builders 2 before you buy it, you're in luck as Square Enix has released a free demo All you have to do to try out the demo is head over to the PlayStation Store and download it directly from their shop before the game officially goes[...]
Square Enix Is Releasing a Japanese "Dragon Quest" Slime Switch Controller
An interesting item has appeared on Square Enix's shop as the company will be selling a special Dragon Quest Nintendo Switch slime controller As you can see from the designs here, you get a special treasure chest Switch holder with the slime creature on top When you turn it over, the controls are on the[...]
Nintendo Shows Off More Of "Dragon Quest XI S" During E3 Direct
Nintendo decided to show off a little more footage from Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition on the E3 Direct We still don't have a real release date beyond "Fall" but now we have a much better look at how the game will play and appear on the Switch[...]
Dragon Quest XII Is Already In The Works At Square Enix
Dragon Quest fans have a couple of new things to look forward to in the future as Square Enix had two new projects to talk about this week The company discussed the property during an announcement livestream that took place today, in which they primarily discussed a new AR mobile game coming out in Japan[...]
Square Enix May Be Announcing a New Dragon Quest at E3
It appears that Square Enix will be making a new Dragon Quest themed announcement in June this year The news comes to us from a forum post made by a user who claims to have seen the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, which includes an announcement about the Dragon Quest series by SE[...]
Square Enix Shows Off Dragon Quest Builders 2 at PAX East 2019
While we were at PAX East this year, we got time with both Nintendo and Square Enix, who both showed us demos for Dragon Quest Builders 2 We were given what felt like a full build of the game, but the demo was sitting on a 20-minute timer for both sessions, so a lot of[...]
Bandai Namco Releases New Images of Dragon Quest's Dai in Jump Force
Along with a brand new story trailer released this week at the Taipei Games Show, Bandai Namco released new images of Dai from Dragon Quest in Jump Force A really cool surprise for us to come across, and one that no one probably could have predicted since Square Enix is usually the ones handling anything revolving around[...]
Dragon Quest XI S Will Be Release in Japan in 2019
Square Enix has officially put down a release window for their upcoming Japanese release of Dragon Quest XI S in 2019 The company released a brand new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version, which if the timetable synchs up like before, we'll see it released before the end of Q1 in 2019 This is, however, just the Japanese[...]
Dragon Quest XI Ships Four Million Unites Worldwide
Square Enix is riding high this week as they've announced that Dragon Quest XI has shipped out four million units of the game worldwide Beyond the main details, the company didn't have much to say, but left the final comments in the hands of series creator and game designer, Yuji Horii. credit//Square Enix I was truly delighted when I heard[...]
Dragon Quest XI Receieves a New Update With Bug Fixes
This week, Square Enix announced they were implementing a new update to Dragon Quest XI to take care of several bugs and lingering issues Surprisingly, they didn't have much to clean up on the PS4 version compared to the Steam version We have the primary focus list for you here, which you can download immediately. credit//Square[...]
Square Enix Announce Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch
Square Enix officially announced the latest Dragon Quest game is coming to Nintendo Switch, but it's getting a slight change along the way The official title of the game will be Dragon Quest XI S, with the S apparently standing for whatever you'd like it to stand for, but primarily people are identifying it as[...]
Dragon Quest Builders 2 to be Releases in Japan in December
A little bit of cool news for Japanese gamers as Square Enix revealed that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming this December The highly-anticipated sequel was revealed during a livestream, which we have for you below, in which the company also announced that Koei Tecmo has had a hand in developing the game According to a[...]
Dragon Quest XI is Getting a Costume From a Previous Chapter in the Series
We're less than a month away from seeing Dragon Quest XI come to the PS4, but before that, we're now getting some really cool reveals This morning, Square Enix decided to give fans a little treat as they revealed an extra in the game that should make some longtime players very happy The company has[...]