We Have Details On Dragon Quest XI's Key Villians, But Still No Western Release


Thanks to Siliconera, we have more details on Square Enix's newest installment in the Dragon Quest series, this time they were showing off Dragon Quest XI's key villains. The details were found on the game's site and translated by Siliconera

The first character is King Delkadal. Described as a wise man and an able swordsman, he is the ruler of the nation of Delkadal. To quote Siliconera's description, "in addition to being known as the wisest king of Rotozetasia, [King Delkadal]'s a master swordsman, having all the qualities needed for a King, thus giving him the nickname of the "Uncommon King." He's known for being a lenient man, but when order is disturbed, he takes strict measures." He's also already aware of the protagonist of Dragon Quest XI, making him one of the game's key characters.

credit// Siliconera
Next on the list is Greig, the one man army of Delkadal. "He's unparalleled in the kingdom when it comes to swordsmanship, and he has yet to lose a fight despite fighting hundreds of monsters up until now. His loyalty is second to none, and wouldn't think twice to throw away his life if it's needed to shield the lord."



Lastly is Homeros, the cold-hearted tactician of the bunch. His "tactics are known throughout all across Delkadal. He's known for his many achievements, such as the time he took down a huge army of monsters with a tiny force. He's a man who uses quick wits and precise judgment according to his situations in order to ensure victory."


And those are the three main antagonists of the latest installment of Dragon Quest, though we still don't have word on if the game will be making the jump to the West. As of now, it is only planned to hit the Japanese market, though given some of Square's recent moves, I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up here in a few years. The Japanese release is scheduled for July 29th. We recently got details about the game's PS4 and 3DS bundle which was just a bit baffling.

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