Dragon Quest

Bandai Namco Releases New Images of Dragon Quest's Dai in Jump Force

Along with a brand new story trailer released this week at the Taipei Games Show, Bandai Namco released new images of Dai from Dragon Quest in Jump Force A really cool surprise for us to come across, and one that no one probably could have predicted since Square Enix is usually the ones handling anything revolving around[...]

Dragon Quest XI S Will Be Release in Japan in 2019

Square Enix has officially put down a release window for their upcoming Japanese release of Dragon Quest XI S in 2019 The company released a brand new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version, which if the timetable synchs up like before, we'll see it released before the end of Q1 in 2019 This is, however, just the Japanese[...]

Dragon Quest XI Ships Four Million Unites Worldwide

Square Enix is riding high this week as they've announced that Dragon Quest XI has shipped out four million units of the game worldwide Beyond the main details, the company didn't have much to say, but left the final comments in the hands of series creator and game designer, Yuji Horii.[caption id="attachment_921195" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Square Enix[/caption] I was truly[...]

Dragon Quest XI Receieves a New Update With Bug Fixes

This week, Square Enix announced they were implementing a new update to Dragon Quest XI to take care of several bugs and lingering issues Surprisingly, they didn't have much to clean up on the PS4 version compared to the Steam version We have the primary focus list for you here, which you can download immediately.[caption[...]

Square Enix Announce Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch

Square Enix officially announced the latest Dragon Quest game is coming to Nintendo Switch, but it's getting a slight change along the way The official title of the game will be Dragon Quest XI S, with the S apparently standing for whatever you'd like it to stand for, but primarily people are identifying it as[...]

Dragon Quest Builders 2 to be Releases in Japan in December

A little bit of cool news for Japanese gamers as Square Enix revealed that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming this December The highly-anticipated sequel was revealed during a livestream, which we have for you below, in which the company also announced that Koei Tecmo has had a hand in developing the game According to a[...]

Dragon Quest XI is Getting a Costume From a Previous Chapter in the Series

We're less than a month away from seeing Dragon Quest XI come to the PS4, but before that, we're now getting some really cool reveals This morning, Square Enix decided to give fans a little treat as they revealed an extra in the game that should make some longtime players very happy The company has[...]

Dragon Quest XI english art

Square Enix Releases a New Dragon Quest XI Trailer Showing Off the Cast

We're slowly making our way to the release of Dragon Quest XI, and as we get closer, we're getting more trailer from Square Enix showing off the game This time around the company decided to give us a trailer that highlights the various characters you'll be encountering that will help you along the way This[...]

Dragon Quest XI english art

Dragon Quest XI Shows Off More Gameplay in Latest Livestream

In case you'd like to have a better look at the way Dragon Quest XI is shaping up before launch, Square Enix decided to show off a little more Yesterday, the company held a special livestream on Twitch, featuring members of their marketing and PR department in America chatting with Assistant Producer Hikari Kubota, series creator Yuji Horii, and[...]

Did You Know Its Dragon Quest Day in Japan?

But in Japan, they have a whole committee that makes them official, like how today is Dragon Quest Day We honestly didn't know this was a thing until we saw a story today on Dual Shockers where they got word that the Japan Anniversary Association officially made May 27th a holiday in celebration of the series'[...]

Dragon Quest XI is the Latest Collaboration Event for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

After announcing that Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is coming west to PlayStation 4 and Steam on September 4th with some updated features, Square Enix has decided to making Dragon Quest the latest collaboration event in their hit mobile RPG Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Starting today, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players can go up against legendary Dragon[...]

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Will Have New Features to Appeal to a Western Audience

As you've probably heard, Square Enix is releasing Dragon Quest XI in the west It'll be the first mainline Dragon Quest game to get a western release in well over a decade, meaning the game will be getting some major overhauling before making it overseas.Part of this is to make it appealing to a western audience, but[...]

Bandai Namco Announces Dragon Quest VR with New Trailer

Good news for Dragon Quest fans as Bandai Namco will be bringing the series back with a whole new experience in the form of Dragon Quest VR The previous title in the series came out last year as Dragon Quest XI was released in Japan on the PS4 and 3DS But before a port of the game[...]

Dragon Quest Builders will Launch on the Switch in February

[caption id="attachment_762254" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit//Square Enix[/caption]In an attempt to increase your Switch library, Dragon Quest Builders from Square Enix will launch for Nintendo's newest console on February 9, 2018.This charming game offers a new experience in the Dragon Quest series, allowing players to reconstruct towns using gathered building materials, fight monsters in real-time battles and meet memorable characters throughout[...]

Square Enix Announced A Ton Of Dragon Quest News At Dragon Quest Summer Festival This Weekend

In addition to announcing Dragon Quest Builders 2, Square Enix made several other announcements during Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo this weekend which will affect a ton of the Dragon Quest properties, including Dragon Quest X the franchise MMO. The fourth major expansion for Dragon Quest X, called 5,000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown Online was[...]

'Dragon Quest XI' Coming To North America Sometime In The Future

Dragon Quest XI hasn't even been released in Japan yet, and we already have confirmation that the game will be coming to North America Actually, we could have predicted that as everyone has become a lot more obsessed with JRPG games lately, and there was absolutely no way Square Enix wasn't going to release this[...]

Dragon Quest X Has Release Dates For PS4 And The Switch… In Japan Anyway

Square Enix has given Dragon Quest X a release date for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions on September 21 At least, for Japanese players anyway. Square Enix made the announcement as part of a livestream event, during which the publisher showcased the first footage of the MMO running on a Switch console at about the 29:17 mark[...]

Dragon Quest Heroes II Details Upcoming Free Content Updates

The battle to defend the Seven Realms continues today with the release of free content updates for Dragon Quest Heroes II Beginning today, players can dive into the first of five installments of new content, which feature extended side-quests that delve deeper into the game’s colorful cast of characters The update will also add a host[...]

Dragon Quest Heroes II Might Just Be The Most Fun We've Had In Years

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] I can't find anything not to like about Dragon Quest Heroes II and believe me, I have tried I'm a tough reviewer and I know that, I usually walk into things looking for problems, glitches, or strange mechanics But as much as I tried, I was unable to find any part of Square Enix and[...]