Dragon Quest 11 Will Put A 3DS And PS4 Copy In One Bundle


In a decently weird move, Square Enix will be packaging Dragon Quest 11 with both a PS4 and 3DS copy of the game. Which is awesome if, like me, you happen to own the both of those – and given Japan's preference for the PS4 and 3DS systems, there is some sense here. Still a bit of an oddball move though, but I have to admit I appreciate it.

And sure, the Special Edition that packages both versions of the game is currently being advertised only in Japan.

The box was announced in a release date trailer, the bundle, called "Dragon Quest XI Double Pack: Hero Sword Box" in Japan, will include both versions of the game in book style cases, packed into a larger sword shaped box. It will retail for 14,960 yen (which is approximately $135 USD). The trailer in question is below.

Three versions of Dragon Quest are available: a high-res PS4 3D game, meanwhile the 3DS version can be played as either a low-res 3D game or a 2D game with classic pixel art. No word on the promised Nintendo Switch version of the game.

And according to IGN who broke the story, Square Enix has released no comment on the Switch version's absence. They also did not say whether or not the PS4-3DS bundle would make it's way to the west, but Square Enix has made comments about releasing more Dragon Quest games outside of Japan.

I'm personally hoping that the bundle does get a run in the west, because I can totally get on board with that kind of special edition pack.

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