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How Dangerous Are Ducks Anyway?
And Brian Bendis had previously announced that he would be getting a new codename in this issue – and one that would stick. Bleeding Cool poured a little scorn on the description of 'drake' as one of the most dangerous birds, when it's just the name of a male duck And we wondered if maybe Bendis[...]
Dusk gameplay image
Another title we got to try out at PAX East was Dusk from New Blood Interactive, which had us going back in our minds to the glory days of playing Quake online, with all the intensity and bloodshed you might expect.
Will A Lesbian Wedding Move The Needle? Tana Ford On Silk And Duck Amuck At C2E2
Tana Ford, courtesy of Greg Baldino Bleeding Cool had eyes and ears at C2E2, and reporter Greg Baldino roamed the floors today, and has landed us this interview. Check it out! It's day three of C2E2 and my brain feels like a piñata in a hurricane so let's jump right in with Silk artist Tana Ford! Greg: (after restarting[...]