The New Codename for Red Robin in Today's Young Justice #8, Revealed – But Makes No Sense (Spoilers)

This is the solicitation for today's Young Justice #8.

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Elena Casagrande (A/CA) John Timms
Lost in the Multiverse! The heroes of Young Justice must stay together as they fight to find their way home. Too bad they're about to cross paths with their own evil look-alikes! Plus, the secrets of Jinny Hex are revealed in a special sequence illustrated by Elena Casagrande! Get set for some of the craziest stuff you've seen in years! (Spoilers!) In Shops: Sep 11, 2019 SRP: $3.99

Do the Young Justicers meet their evil counterparts on Earth-3? Yes they do. Well, evil-ish. Certainly with different moral compasses. And are the secrets of Jinny Hex are revealed in a special sequence illustrated by Elena Casagrande? No they are not, Elena Casagrande does not contribute to this issue, it's all John Timms, Gabe Eltraeb on colours and letters by Wes Abbott. Will this comic be pulped as a result? No of course not because Gabe's colours are not at issue, unlike whatever happened to Superman #14 and Supergirl #33. But I'm distracted.

A New Codename for Red Robin in Today's Young Justice #8

And Brian Bendis does continue to try and use Abbott to sneak in a page one recap, like everyone does at Marvel Comics, but Dan DiDio has stopped from happening at DC, so as not to just look like Marvel. But there is more at stake, regarding internal DC Comics politics.

When the New 52 rebooted Batman, Teen Titans and the rest, it was revealed that Tim Drake had never been known as Robin to Batman, but as Red Robin, to distinguish him from the other Robins. This really was a thing. In Young Justice, however, written by Brian Bendis, he has been happier to be just called Robin.

But a new codename was coming. And in today's Young Justice #8, he finds inspiration in his evil-ish counterpart, Tim Drake.

New Name for Red Robin

Drake. Just drake. The most dangerous bird? A male duck? Really? Maybe Drake is the Earth-3 name for Cassowaries, large flightless birds with four-inch, dagger-like claws? Or maybe this is like Cambridge being in London again.

New Name for Red Robin

Look, Drake is a male duck. Not that dangerous. Someone has made a real error here – and if indeed it is meant to be an Earth-3 definition, then why would the DCU Tim Drake agree that it's a good name? Maybe he also went to Cambridge University in London….

New Name for Red Robin

Anyway, Bart thinks he should nick it. And he's got a logo now too. Once the logo has been done, that's it.

So, Drake. Tim Drake. Robin. Red Robin. Drake. But can you have a superhero secret identity that is the same as your surname? Is that hiding one's secret identity in plain sight?

Well, you know, Drake is not actually his surname, it was an assumed name that he went under to avoid the Cobblepots, as revealed in Teen Titans #0. Maybe he could revert back to his original surname now? Not that we ever learned it…

The New Codename for Red Robin in Today's Young Justice #8, Revealed (Spoilers)

Drake. Will it grow on you?

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