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Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires Will Released In North America In February
Koei Tecmo revealed during Tokyo Game Show 2021 that they will release Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires in North America this February Along with some new information about the game, which we have for you along with a trailer, they detailed how this version of the game will be different from the standard predecessor and make[...]
Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets a New Co-Op and DLC Trailer
Koei Tecmo dropped a surprise trailer on us heading into the weekend as we get a brief glimpse of more content for Dynasty Warriors 9 Along with a bunch of new features being shown off the Season 2 Pass and an upcoming DLC update for the game, the crux of the video focuses on the[...]
Dynasty Warriors 9
In case you've been having some issues with the way Dynasty Warriors 9 has been playing the past few days, Koei Tecmo threw in a brand new update (1.04 for PS4, 1.02 for PC) that should help ease some of those problems out Or at the very least, make it easier for you to get around[...]
Secret of Mana video game releases
Check out the full list of releases out this week below, choose your games wisely; and as always, have fun! February 13th Crossing Souls (PC, PS4) CubeWorks [VR] (PS4) Drunkn Bar Fight [VR] (PS4) Dynasty Warriors 9 (PC, PS4, XB1) Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC, PS4, XB1) Knockout League [VR] (PS4) Mahjong Carnival (PS4) Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Owlboy[...]
Koei Tecmo Releases A Launch Trailer For Dynasty Warriors 9
Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to be released tomorrow in North America and Europe, but before you get a chance to play the game, Koei Tecmo has decided to release one more trailer for you to get excited about their latest chapter in the series If you're not already aware, this latest game is an[...]
Another Round Of Short Character Trailers For Dynasty Warriors 9
They've done it again with five new trailers showing off characters from the upcoming game Dynasty Warriors 9 The set focuses specifically on the Wei Faction, featuring material from Lu Lingqi, Xun Yu, Zhenji, Cao Pi, and Lu Su Enjoy!  As we mentioned last week, Koei Tecmo has this habit of releasing a bunch of mini-trailers for[...]
Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets 7 New Mini-Action Trailers
The company released seven new mini-trailers for Dynasty Warriors 9 showing off the skills of their generals, but none of them go over 30 seconds So basically, you're getting a four-minute video chopped up into seven different pieces This is the same pointlessness we suffered with Monster Hunter: World when Capcom revealed all the different environments[...]
We Get to See the Expanded World of Dynasty Warriors 9 in New Trailer
Those of you who may be curious as to how big the world of Dynasty Warriors 9 will be are in luck today, as Koei Tecmo have released an extended trailer showing off the expansive world The trailer is in Japanese, but that matters little as the visuals speak for themselves as you get one of[...]
Koei Tecmo Gives US An Official Date For 'Dynasty Warriors 9'
This morning, Koei Tecmo finally gave a release date (or at least for Japan) of Dynasty Warriors 9 As of right now, the target date is February 8th, 2018 Right now that's awesome news as it shows the company is going to keep with the "early 2018" info they gave back in September, but it[...]
Dynasty Warriors
Yesterday, Koei Tecmo revealed more images and information on its website for Dynasty Warriors 9, showing off some impressive designs and a little more insight into the game itself First off, the series will be done in chapters as you progress through specific time periods over ten chapters — the earliest in 184 and the[...]
Platforms Revealed For 'Dynasty Warriors 9' Release Next Year
While we don't have a concrete date yet, it has been confirmed that you'll be seeing Dynasty Warriors 9 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam Two new characters have also been revealed: Man Chong from the kingdom of Wei, and Zhou Cang from the kingdom of Shu Plus, Omega Force revealed more about the open world concept in[...]
Man Chong Joins The Generals In 'Dynasty Warriors 9'
There's a lot we don't know about Dynasty Warriors 9 yet, but as we start getting more and more information about the game, the cooler things seem to get It's kind of like looking through a kaleidoscope where you get pieces of an image that are slowly sliding into place One of the latest pieces to[...]
Koei Tecmo Officially Announces 'Dynasty Warriors 9', But No Date Attached
After several websites, including us, already showed off two pages in a magazine of the next Dynasty Warriors game, Koei Tecmo finally put out a press release this morning to confirm what we already kinda knew with some added details. Dynasty Warriors 9 is in the works, but there's no release date and no consoles platforms[...]