Koei Tecmo Releases New Dynasty Warriors 9 Screenshots, Characters, & Battle Trailer

Before we hit the weekend, Koei Tecmo has released a bunch of new images for four new characters in Dynasty Warriors 9, as well as screenshots of them in action and a new battle trailer for the game. Below we have descriptions from the publisher for Dong Bai, Hua Xiong, Xiahou Ji, and Yuan Shu, as well as the trailer that shows off the epic fighting style that has both improved but not quite changed that much from Dynasty Warriors 8, meaning this game won't be too difficult for people to jump into as they've kept one of the game's primary mechanics intact.

Xiahou Ji

Wife to Zhang Fei, niece to Xiahou Yuan, and cousin to Xiahou Ba, her shy nature was the result of having spent the majority of her life at home, being brought up with care.
One fateful day while playing in the woods, she met Zhang Fei, who then took her as his wife.

Dong Bai

Granddaughter of Dong Zhuo, she was doted on by her grandfather and was often given land and fortune even at a young age.
Although willful and cruel, she took on a charming persona whenever Dong Zhuo was about.

Hua Xiong

A ferocious retainer of Dong Zhuo, he used his colossal and dominant stature to strike at Sun Jian and Yuan Shao of the Anti-Dong Zhuo coalition at Shisui Gate.

Yuan Shu

A general of the Later Han and cousin to Yuan Shao, he was born into a prestigious family where he fell in love with power and wealth.
With an unquenched thirst for power, he eventually gained the Imperial Seal and named himself Emperor. Yet, this same thirst led him to misgovern his people ultimately losing their support.

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