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Brooklyn Gladiator #1 cover by Glen Farby
It can be off-putting at first, but it adds something to this Escape from New York-esque version of the dystopian genre which one does not often see. Miller is a little smarter than one would expect from such a protagonist too That makes him interesting. There is the overwhelming stench of dude all over this book[...]
Animosity: Evolution #5 cover by Eric Gapstur Rob Schwager
Meanwhile, Octavia and Penelope are brought to the crime lord behind both Mya and Fuzu Kazi. Animosity: Evolution #5 cover by Eric Gapstur Rob Schwager It never ceases to amaze me how much political and philosophical theory can be conveyed through a dystopian comic series about talking animals Marguerite Bennett really is one of the great comic[...]
Pacific Rim: Aftermath Cover by Richard Elson
Richard Elson brings a gritty and grimy dystopia that even the original movie didn't really capture with all its sleekness and bloom (that being said, I do adore Pacific Rim) He also brings to life some unique Kaiju designs in the flashbacks Guy Major also brings out a grittier and darker color palette to match[...]
Brlliant Trash #3 cover by Mike Norton and Addison Duke
The world still feels the right kind of wrong to reflect the growing dystopia that is Brilliant Trash The design on the cyborg doctor was great There is something about Kennedy Avis' character design that doesn't quite sit right, but it's not a big problem and can be easily gotten past Marco Lesko's color art[...]
Old Man Hawkeye #1 cover by Marco Checchetto
Old Man Hawkeye is helping on a supply run when it's ambushed and Clint makes an ominous discovery. This sends him down a path that ends with him deciding it's time for payback.
Cold War #1 cover by Hayden Sherman
There is a cyperpunk corporate dystopia feel to it which works quite well with its premise As such, I do recommend checking this one out It's interesting, and you'll likely have a good time reading it. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] A group of people cryogenically frozen wake up hundreds of years in the future to a[...]