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Iceman #10 Cover
Deadpool, so we're happy to be moving onto one of our favorites: Iceman! Iceman #10 Writer: Sina Grace Pencilers: Robert Gill Inkers: Robert Gill and Ed Tadeo Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Kevin Wada Iceman was left in big trouble at the conclusion of the previous issue During a going away party for Bobby before he moves to Los Angeles with[...]
Iceman #10 cover by Kevin Wada
Sometimes it's not about the size of the perceived wrong; sometimes it's just about the kind of person who has been "wronged." The aforementioned fight is epic, with Robert Gill, Ed Tadeo, and Rachelle Rosenberg bringing it to life in a stunning manner We get to see the full extent of both Bobby and Daken's abilities,[...]
It feels classic and fun, with some really great action set pieces, and Bobby Drake's penchant for dropping jokes left and right, whether they land or not, is still present. However, there are a few elements in this issue that are a little problematic. Firstly, there's the scene where Kitty breaks down and reveals how upset she[...]