X-Men: Bland Design – Iceman is Apparently a Very Good Kisser, According to Iceman #10

Welcome to X-Men: Bland Design, the weekly column that answers the question: "What if Ed Piskor had no art skills, a juvenile sense of humor, and less classic material to work with?" This week there are six five X-Books on the stands, which will cost you a total of $25 $21 to buy and, thanks to modern decompression techniques, take roughly ten minutes to read (if you read slowly). If that seems like a waste of time and money, you can keep your money by reading our recaps for free. We make no promises about the use of your time, however.

X-Books on sale this week include Rogue and Gambit #2Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #27 (why is there a Spider-Man/Deadpool comic?), Iceman #10X-Men Gold #21, and X-Men Red #1. Additionally, Venom #161 crosses over with X-Men Blue for the Poison X event, so we'll be covering that as well. We barely got through Spider-Man vs. Deadpool, so we're happy to be moving onto one of our favorites: Iceman!

X-Men: Bland Design – Iceman is Apparently a Very Good Kisser, According to Iceman #10

Iceman #10
Writer: Sina Grace
Pencilers: Robert Gill
Inkers: Robert Gill and Ed Tadeo
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Cover: Kevin Wada

Iceman was left in big trouble at the conclusion of the previous issue. During a going away party for Bobby before he moves to Los Angeles with his new boyfriend, Judah, the X-Men were distracted by a purifier attack as Daken snuck into the X-mansion, aided by his new sidekick, Zach, the student Bobby lost to Daken earlier in the series, now going by the name Amp. Amp tricked the students into the danger room and launched a dangerous Savage Land sequence with Sauron, then proceeded to help Daken unleash the power of the Apocalypse seed inside of him while diverting the seed's influence into the students. Daken, meanwhile, stabbed Judah and is now trying to kill Bobby.

This issue picks up pretty much where the last one left off. Students Idie and Michaela are returning to the X-mansion, ready for Iceman's party, and they walk in on the battle in progress. They find both Judah and Zach. Idie stays with Judah while Michaela chases Zach, right into the middle of the fight between Iceman and Daken. Bobby says that even though Daken attacked the school and killed his boyfriend, he knows he's just lashing out. Never trust a Wolverine. That's what we say.

Meanwhile, Michaela catches up with Zach, and after a brief struggle, whacks him with a table. Unfortunately, this causes him to lose control of the Apocalypse seed. Uh oh.

X-Men: Bland Design – Iceman is Apparently a Very Good Kisser, According to Iceman #10

As Bobby prepares 50 ice-clones to battle Mega-Daken, the students in the danger room find themselves with the full use of their powers, now that Zach's power-dampening abilities are being kept in check by a thump on the head. They defeat Sauron and beat up a sabertooth tiger. In the control room, Michaela is trying to shut down the scenario and free the students, while Zach wants to settle things once and for all. She kicks his ass easily.

Back in the main event, Daken is doing what Wolverines do best and slaughtering ice-clones. He tells Bobby he knows him better than anyone else and that Iceman is wasting his powers by caring about stuff. Bobby tells him the Apocalypse seed has made him too grumpy. They crash through the floor, right next to Idie and Judah. Bobby is happy to see Judah alive, but Daken says he's going to kill everyone anyway.

Idie uses her flame powers on Daken to distract him as Bobby takes the fight outside and onto an ice slide. He knows exactly how to stop Daken. With the power of a kiss!

X-Men: Bland Design – Iceman is Apparently a Very Good Kisser, According to Iceman #10

Team Iceman wins the day! Sadly, Bobby has to miss the rest of his going away party to get patched up by Doctor Cecelia Reyes. We learn through X-pository dialogue that Zach has been captured, but Daken escaped. Judah survives, but he's understandably freaked out by almost being killed by a Wolverine, so he breaks up with Bobby and tells him not to move to L.A. Bobby says that's not the only reason why he was moving, but later at the X-mansion, Kitty apologizes for being a jerk to him about moving and instead makes him an offer: his own team of X-men to lead if he stays.

Iceman and Generation X have been the best X-books of the ResurrXion era, so it's sad to know they've both been canceled. Hopefully once this book wraps up Bobby's storyline will continue in another book, and hopefully the creative team sticks around the X-books as well. But it's not over yet, so we'll see you here next month for the next issue.


X-Men: Bland Design – Iceman is Apparently a Very Good Kisser, According to Iceman #10

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