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Saturday Night Live alum Tracy Morgan is joining the cast of the highly anticipated Coming to America 2, the sequel to the 1988 John Landis comedy starring Eddie Murphy, who also co-wrote with David Sheffield and Barry W Blaustein Morgan will be playing Reem, a hustler and brother of Leslie Jones' character, according to[...]
'Black Panther' Oscar Winner Ruth E. Carter Doing 'Coming to America 2' Costumes
Carter is currently at work on her next film- Coming To America 2. The film will feature Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall returning to their iconic roles of Prince Akeem and Semmi in the sequel from Paramount Pictures And, as it turns out, Carter will be on board to create the costumes. 'Black Panther' costume designer Ruth E[...]
Paramount Announces Summer Release for 'Coming To America 2'
Paramount Pictures just announced an official release date for their upcoming Eddie Murphy-starring Coming To America 2. Craig Brewer, who just directed Murphy in Dolemite Is My Name, will be helming the picture from the director's chair. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Coming To America 2 will hit theaters on August 7th, 2020. Murphy previously said in a statement about the announcement of[...]
Eddie Murphy Will Reign Again in 'Coming to America 2'
Obviously someone, somewhere, has been waiting for this moment, and his name is more than likely Eddie Murphy It would appear that Paramount Pictures is indeed developing a sequel to Coming To America, and Murphy will return to star as Prince Akeem. Deadline (and pretty much every other outlet) says that Craig Brewer, who just directed Murphy in Dolemite[...]
Saturday Night Live: 8 Halloween Sketches (Because Christmas Sketches Would Be Silly)
[Season 2, 1976] On this edition of Weekend Update, film critic Raheem Abdul Muhammed (Eddie Murphy) offers an editorial comment on the state of horror movie audiences – and it's an eye-opener, rich white people: https://youtu.be/G28xklWuFd8Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Weekend Update: Raheem Abdul Muhammed on Horror Movies – SNL (https://youtu.be/G28xklWuFd8) Film critic Raheem Abdul[...]
Paramount Teases Coming to America 2 at CinemaCon 2018
The reality of a sequel to the 1988 film was first mentioned by Eddie Murphy himself last March, and moved forward last Fall with a script written by Blackish creator Kenya Barris. Now, it looks like we could be seeing the movie sooner rather than later, as it was the first amongst several upcoming films teased by[...]
trading places
Something that seems to fly under people's radar as far as holiday movies go: Trading Places. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd are pure comedic genius in this movie from 1983 Both had found success from their years on Saturday Night Live, which proved to help their careers soar in the '80s Originally the movie was to have[...]
Report: Eddie Murphy In Early Stages Of Working On Coming To America Sequel
Twitter was shaken to its foundations like the Marvel Universe during a super-mega-crossover event Wednesday night when legendary actor and comedian Eddie Murphy posted a tweet teasing a sequel to the 1988 comedy classic, Coming to America Murphy (or whoever runs his account) quickly deleted the tweet, which may have been posted too early by mistake, and[...]
How To Host The Oscars: Steve Martin's Advice To Eddie Murphy
Failing that, however, you can always get an old co-star to give you some extremely unhelpful advice in the name of comedy, and that's just exactly what Eddie Murphy has on his side Take it away, Steve Martin. Hi Eddie, I heard you're hosting this year's Oscars First of all, CONGRATS Even though you didn't ask for[...]
Eddie Murphy Has The Voice Of Hong Kong Phooey, We Have A Clip From The Aristocats
Henry, the mild-mannered janitor? Um… no, it's Eddie Murphy in the guise of a CGI version of Hong Kong Phooey, the latest cartoon character to get the star treatment as a way of squeezing the nostalgia dollar for all its worth. Alcon Entertainment are producing a live-action/animation film based on the short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon series and[...]