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Richard Starkings Debuts New Elephantmen Comics at Comixology
New Elephantmen comics from Richard Starkings are coming this week from ComiXology Originals The long-running anthropomorphic series began in July 2006, long before Zootopia normalized furry police officers Since the debut of the series, the creative team has produced 80 issues of the indie comic Now, this Wednesday, Starkings returns with longtime collaborator, artist Axel[...]
Elephantmen Is Consistently Good, and the Pentalion Arc is No Different
Elephantmen 2261 Season 2: The Pentalion Job #1 joins the ranks of Richard Starking's epic creation, touching on everything from war to social issues, and sits well in the hybrid-beast lineup.  A series which originally began in 2006, the Elephantmen are the children of war; Africa's super soldiers created by impregnating human women with animal[...]
Have a Snow Day with the Elephantmen Holiday Special!
"Keep it fun" appears to be the driving force behind the Elephantmen 2261 Holiday Special, a light and fluffy comic confection from Comixology Originals. The special issue is split between two stories, each with a small wrap-around narrative In the first, Vanity Case is reflecting on the loss of her parents, and gets herself caught up[...]
Of Rats and Elephantmen – Preview of Elephantmen 2261: The Death of Shorty #2
On June 1st, 2018, ComiXology debuted several creator-owned comics as part of a new original publishing drive. That included the revival of the Elephantmen comic book series as Elephantmen 2261: The Death of Shorty by Richard Starkings. Elephantmen has been described by J.J Abrams as "An Awesome and Unexpected Story You Must Check it out!" and lauded by[...]
Why Elephantmen Is Among The Best-Realised Worlds In Comics Today
By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu I'm a latecomer to the world and characters created by Richard Starkings in his famous Elephantmen title I've been meaning to dive in for years, but got cold feet because of my impression that there's a ton of material out there But last year at Comic-Con, I got gifted a copy of[...]
47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Moon Knight, Uber, Nailbiter, Extinction Parade, The Shadow, Black Kiss, Satellite Sam,The Woods, Doctor Spektor, Deadpool Vs X-Force, Caliban, Rocket Raccoon, Starlord, Fantastic Four 100th, Futures End, Batman Eternal, Action Comics, Green Lantern, Justice League 3000, Batman/Superman, Batwing, Thief Of Thieves, Won Ton Soup, Witchblade, Angel & Faith, Miracleman, Archer Coe, The Victories, Elephantmen, Twilight Zone, White Suits, Suicide Risk, The Woods, Splinter Cell, Southern Bastards, Star Mage, Garfield, Dexter's Lab, Big Trouble In Little China, Black Bat, Morning Glories, Robocop, Six Million Dollar Man, Vampirella, Indestructible And Lazarus
But what else could you et a cat to do if you put your mind to it? Victories #13 asks the question – what actually is simple about a chimera? Surely by their very nature they are complex beasts with competing ways of life? Elephantmen knows….   So possibly best not as a household pet then[...]
39 Thoughts About 39 Comics – Interesting Drug, Trees, Batman, Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Chew/Revival, Sex, Crossed, God Is Dead, Thief Of Thieves, Skullkickers, The Star Wars, Peanuts, Elephantmen, Sheltered, Futures End, C.O.W.L., Midas Flesh, Deadly Class, Tanpopo, Batman Eternal, Southern Bastards, Dr Spektor, Nightbreed, Doc Savage, Bravest Warriors, Twilight Zone, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Samurai Jack, My Little Pony, Transformers, Harbinger, Shadowman, Gozilla, 24, City, Dejah Thoris, X-Files
And retailers move the comic to the top shelf again. Who'd be a kid eh? Take some of the children seen in today's comics… Whether they are running away to the army in Elephantmen… Getting their parents in trouble in the political superhero comic C.O.W.L that, with one issue, puts Jupiter's Legacy in its place. Even Peanuts #18 is[...]
Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's The Revenger Becomes… Revenge!
Previewed in last week's Elephantmen, Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill's The Revenger from Image Comics, will undergo a name change by the time it's published January. I'm told it will now be called "Revenge" but the lead character will still be called The Revenger. Turns out another webcomic had the same name (it might be this one)[...]
Thirty Thoughts About Thirty Comics – Iron Man, Earth 2, Superior Spider-Man, Bionic Man, Batman/Superman, X-Men Legacy, Batwing, Green Arrow,  Phantom Stranger, Fearless Defenders, Detective Comics, Elephantmen, Khan, Spawn,  Burn The Orphanage, Happy Kitty, Judge Dredd, The Revenger, Velvet, Carbon Grey, Great Pacific, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Think Tank, Doctor Who, Black Bat, Deadworld, Dinosaurs Attack, Transformers And TMNT Shredder (UPDATE)
But do you actually do your smelling in your nostrils? Isn't it further up? I have realised I have no idea what I'm talking about and should go and read a biology book, maybe get a closer look. Thank you for obliging, preview to The Revengers in the back of Elephantmen lets us know some of[...]
What Do You Get When You Cross Elephantmen With Judge Dredd?
From the Thought Bubble Anthology 2013, out in November from Image Comics… the Elephantmen/Judge Dredd crossover from Richard Starkings and Boo Cook. And if you need to gen up on your pachyderms first, Elephantmen #51 is a jump on issue out this month from Image…   From the Thought Bubble Anthology 2013, out in November[...]
Cammy's Covers – Next Testament To Elephantmen
Elephantmen #48 by Boo Cook This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down And here I thought Ganesha was a god of intellect and wisdom That's obviously an out of date text I was getting my information from, for the being we see here on the cover is one that's here to eat peanuts[...]
The Thrill Of The Hunt – Richard Starkings'  Elephantmen
In today's market, there are a lot of titles with low print runs – and when an issue catches fandom's attention, lots of collectors chasing a small number of copies can drive prices sky high in a heartbeat. One of the recent books to see its value skyrocket as a result of this process is Image's[...]
Strontium Dog Vs Elephantmen
And it will feature, with the approval of John Wagner and 2000AD, a crossover with Elephantmen and Strontium Dog by Richard Starkings and Boo Cook I saw Richard at San Diego Comic Con, he enticed me over with this image and I asked if I could run it I think you can surmise his answer. Starkings[...]
Your Weekly Shaky – Elephantmen
Your weekly look at a panel or two from Shaky Kane's vast body of work; This time it's the black and white version of the spread from ELEPHANTMEN #33 'FLESH AND BONES', written by the irrepressibly creative mind of Richard Starkings…. Your weekly look at a panel or two from Shaky Kane's vast body of work; This time[...]
JH Williams Strip From CBLDF Liberty Annual And A Chat With Charles Brownstein
Williams III, Steve Niles, Judd Winick , Mark Waid, Jeff Lemire, Carla Speed McNeil with Grendel by Matt Wagner, Cowboy Ninja Viking by AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo,  Elephantmen by Richard Starkings and Shaky Kane, a full-colour story from Craig Thompson (Blankets)! and pin-ups of Batman by Dustin Nguyen, X-Men by[...]
Collector's Paradise In Pasadena Opens Today
Collector's Paradise of Canoga Park, California is opening a new comic store in nearby Pasadena today, taking over the closing Comic Odyssey. Tonight from 5pm to 8pm, they launch Aspen Comics' Hit List Crossover Event, with the second Executive Assistant Iris series with David Wohl, Scott Lobdell, Vince Hernandez, Marc Andreyko, Joe Benitez and Oliver[...]