Elizabeth Bathory Archives

the progeny
Now, she's become the hunted. She's on a quest that will take her to the secret underground of Europe and the inner circles of three ancient orders—one determined to kill her, one devoted to keeping her alive, and one she must ultimately save. Filled with adrenaline, romance, and reversals, The Progeny is the present-day saga of a[...]
Blood Will Flow – The Blood Queen Vs Dracula
In this four-part miniseries written by Troy Brownfield and drawn by Kewber Baal, the Prince of Darkness meets up with Elizabeth Bathory. In Blood Queen Vs Dracula, the Prince of Darkness returns from war to face a potential threat in the form of the Blood Queen Will they become allies, or adversaries? Whatever the outcome, one thing[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Blood Queen #1
This series takes the historical figure Elizabeth Bathory, some of the legend that surrounds her and makes a new fantasy series with swords, political intrigue, beautiful women and blood magic. The first issue is described as: A new dark fantasy epic begins here! In a fairy tale land of knights and magic, a royal child's life hangs in[...]