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COVID19 ANTHEM - real1
Disgraced former WWE wrestler Enzo Amore has released a new rap/butt-rock song about the coronavirus pandemic, called COVID-19 Anthem, and yes, it's as amazingly bad as you're thinking it probably is right now The song, which mixes Enzo's signature rap style, which is akin to if a muppet version of DMX were rapping as quietly[...]
Report: Pro-Trump Views Of WWE Wrestler Big Cass Lead To Locker Room Heat
WWE Superstar Big Cass may have "heat" in the locker room due to his love of President Donald Trump. According to rumors from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cass is a big fan of the POTUS, much to the chagrin of his pro-wrestling colleagues, while former partner Enzo has reportedly earned the ire of his peers[...]