Time Warp is a new three film documentary series looking at cult films.

Time Warp Cult Classics Part One Looks At Beloved Midnight Films

Cast members from Rocky Horror, Spinal Tap, Big Lebowski, Faster Pussycat, Pink Flamingoes, Point Break, Foxy Brown, Eraserhead, and so many more are featured Each film gets its own segment and the proper amount of time and context while trying to figure out why they each resonate so much with people These segments are framed[...]

'My Hero Academia' Season 1: Deku's All Might/Eraserhead Dynamic [SPOILER REVIEW]

They are ranked just as superstars are in the real world and they compete hard for the spotlight - even while some of them serve as instructors at U.A. down, Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead) must be the most straight-forward and coolest of them all There is something about the way he pushes his students, making them[...]