Etrian Odyssey

Mapping Dungeons is the Best Part of Etrian Odyssey Nexus

  Etrian Odyssey Nexus is a dungeon-crawler RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, which was initially released in Japan in August of 2018. The game came west just this month, and the western port retains nearly all of its JRPG flair. While Nexus is a dungeon crawler, the combat is all turn-based, the game focuses mostly on static […]

A New Etrian Odyssey Game is Teased by Atlus

Atlus has decided to tease Etrian Odyssey fans with something new, and the kicker to all of it is that we don't know what it is yet. There are already going to be a lot of eyes on the series this week as Etrian Odyssey X will be released on the 3DS, so it appears that the company […]