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Lionhead Developers Might Be Trying To Save Fable Legends From Certain Death
We got word not so long ago that Lionhead Studios would be ceasing production on Fable Legends, with the developer also likely shutting down. Well, it seems that perhaps the game may not be entirely dead As reported by MCV, three sources in the studio have said that there are efforts from inside the developer to[...]
Fable Legends Has Been Cancelled And Lionhead Studios Could Be Going With It
This is heart breaking. It's been announced that Fable Legends has been cancelled by Microsoft The game had long been in development, and not many fans of the RPG were too jazzed about the asymmetrical multiplayer direction the game had gone in Still, the title was featuring prominently in promotional material, such as the press conference[...]
The Micro-Transactions For Fable Legends Have Leaked
Fable Legends is going to be free to play whenever it finally launches, so it is not surprising that we can expect micro-transactions helping sustain the game. Those micro-transactions have now leaked out, showing the money to credit ratio in the game On the low end $4.99 will net you 850 gold while on the high[...]
Fable Legends Beta Delayed Until Spring 2016
Last week, I made note that Fable Legends had missed it's Fall 2015 release window and that the promised public beta hadn't turned up either. Well, we have some news on that It's now been announced that the open beta has been delayed until Spring 2016 It was announced in this video from creative director David[...]
Fable Legends Is Still Missing And Microsoft Are Keeping Quiet
I do have a keen interest in seeing how Fable Legends plays out The asymmetric multiplayer game is taking that universe in a completely new direction, and it will be neat to see it play out. Despite being announced ages ago, the game still hasn't turned up yet though Last thing we heard, officially, was that[...]
Fable Legends Has Adopted A Free-To-Play Model
The problem's been that the model has been used to hold player's wallets hostage too many times, people usually cringe at the idea. That is why it isn't surprising to see some people up in arms about the news that Fable Legends has now adopted the model Lionhead Studios appears to be taking a lot from the[...]