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Hickman Leaves Fantastic Four Bendis Leaves Avengers&#8230 Its Coming

Hickman Leaves Fantastic Four, Bendis Leaves Avengers… It's Coming

iFanboy reports, from an interview with Jonathan Hickman carried out at Image Comics Expo, that he will be leaving Fantastic Four at the end of the year along with wrapping up The Ultimates and SHIELD. With news that Bendis is leaving Avengers, and his stating that his next project will be "so much more" than […]

Tuesday Runaround: Put A Pony On The Thing

Tuesday Runaround: Put A Pony On The Thing

BabushkaWatch: All the Doctors all inside each other, courtesy of Molly23 on Twitter. GambleWatch: Bet US names The Invisible Woman as 1:1 favourite to die in the upcoming Fantastic Four. They also list The Thing at 100:1. Do they have some kind of inside information here? Or are they looking at The Thing appearing on […]