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Ubisoft Posted A Throwback Photo, And Everyone Thought It Was Far Cry 5

Earlier today, Ubisoft's Instagram account posted an image of Rock Island with the text "An island that we never really left. Does that remind you of something?" next to it, in French naturally. So of course people took that to mean that a new title in the series – which hasn't even been announced – would take […]

Trials: Blood Dragon Leaks Thanks To Ratings Board

You can only assume this is reference to the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon spin-off that came out a while ago That means, neon, 80s pastiche and crazy looking dragons are supposedly on their way.Nothing official has been announced of course, but this seems likely now Just what does Trials: Blood Dragon look like though?[...]

Far Cry Could Feature Dinosaurs, Vampires Or Zombies In The Future

I do think the Far Cry 3's Rook Island is a more appealing place to explore, but Kyrat is certainly more 'alive'.One of the problems I did have with Far Cry 4 though, was that each main series Far Cry title before it took loose tenants of play and reinvented them to feel totally different than its last[...]