Ubisoft Posted A Throwback Photo, And Everyone Thought It Was Far Cry 5


Earlier today, Ubisoft's Instagram account posted an image of Rock Island with the text "An island that we never really left. Does that remind you of something?" next to it, in French naturally. So of course people took that to mean that a new title in the series – which hasn't even been announced – would take us back to the setting of FarCry 3, Rock Island. Sadly, Ubisoft PR has responded to inquiries from GameInformer, one of the media outlets to pick up the "spoiler" and tell them that it was just a ' "throwback post" and not a tease for anything.'

Granted, none of this means we aren't getting Far Cry 5, it just means this particular "tease" wasn't what many thought it was.

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The latest entry in the Far Cry series was Far Cry Primal which released just last year. It's unlikely Ubisoft won't be making Far Cry 5, but the nostalgia for the main Far Cry series is pretty high so naturally people ran with this. After all, Far Cry Primal isn't as loved as the main series for a variety of reasons. So I can't say I blame anyone for getting excited by this. The games industry works with a lot of 'unintentional' leaks as a way to drive hype outside of traditional announcements, so Ubisoft announcing Far Cry 5 with an Instagram post isn't exactly beyond reason.

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