Far Cry Could Feature Dinosaurs, Vampires Or Zombies In The Future

Far Cry 4 is certainly a lot of fun to move around and shoot people in. The world of Kyrat is bustling and full of life that feels like it goes on whether you are there or not. For me, it was the real star of the game with the story falling quite short of what I was hoping. I do think the Far Cry 3's Rook Island is a more appealing place to explore, but Kyrat is certainly more 'alive'.

One of the problems I did have with Far Cry 4 though, was that each main series Far Cry title before it took loose tenants of play and reinvented them to feel totally different than its last iteration. Far Cry 4 felt like it leaned a little too heavily on Far Cry 3, but hey, it works.

Things could be getting a bit different in the future though. Picked up by Eurogamer, a questionnaire sent out to players suggests the series might be playing with some pretty fantastical elements going forward. It referenced locations like Peru, Alaska, The Vietnam War and The 1800s American West. On top of that though, the questionnaire also gives the choice for games featuring Dinosaurs, Vampires or Zombies.

Now, I'm not one to pick favorites, but:

Source – http://kerembeyit.deviantart.com/art/Cretaceous-Sunset-104682319


It's important to point out this is just a questionnaire. Market research as it were. This probably has little bearing on what Ubisoft will make next in the series.

But make a Dinosaur Far Cry, Ubisoft.