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We ALMOST Had a Very Different 'Fantastic Four' Movie in 2015
Bless Zack Stentz for his candor on the most recent episode of Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast, because we just learned a whole mess o' stuff about the Fantastic Four film WE COULD HAVE HAD, among other things. Ah yes, who would forget Fan-4-Stick. Perhaps you'll recall that 2015 misfire of a reboot of Fantastic Four that featured Doom as[...]
Kevin Smith Wants a Michael Keaton 'Batman Beyond' as Much as We Do
He hosts a podcast called Fatman on Batman (although he really isn't anymore, dropping to below the 200 lbs mark last year), and is constantly a source of insight and unparalleled knowledge about the history of the capped crusader. In the most recent episode of the Fatman on Batman podcast, the topic of Batman Beyond came up[...]