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Kevin Smith Dishes Out Movie Trivia At SDCC 2017

Nick Kazden writes for Bleeding Cool…

Kevin Smith Dishes Out Movie Trivia At SDCC 2017

Kevin Smith emerged into a packed room to host the first ever Comic Book Movie Trivia Mayhem Panel (or at least the first one Kevin Smith has hosted according to Silent Bob himself).

Smith wasn't alone though. He was joined by Marc Bernandin, his co-host of the Fat Man on Batman podcast, and Julia Benson and Shawna Benson, the sister writing duo who work on The 100 and Batgirl & The Birds of Prey for DC. Smith may like to judge people, but David Steinberger, the CEO of comiXology, and Col Needham, the ceo and Founder of IMDB, served as judges for the contest.

The game felt kind of like Whose Line is It Anyway, the points don't really matter and everyone is just here to have fun. The judges determined the wining answer based on the level of applause each player gave, so they weren't necessarily rewarding correct answers as much as they were fun or goofy ones.

The first question was pretty damn difficult if you ask me. Out of all of the on-screen Batmen, who had the best hair?

Bernadin went with Mr. Mom himself, Michael Keaton, but Julia went with Lego Batman. While Shawna wanted to go with George Clooney, she ultimately went with Val Kilmer which received a larger round of applause than Smith thought it would.

"Wow, normally people skip over Val Kilmer, nice to know people remember that shit."

Kevin Smith Dishes Out Movie Trivia At SDCC 2017

Here's a rundown on some of the best moments from the panel:

When IMDB founder said that Ben Affleck had the best hair of the Bat-bunch, the crowd booed him.

Julia called the best thing in life "being on a yacht at Comic-Con," a dig to her co-panelists who were actually allowed on the boat.

"You went from Clerks to Mallrats," Smith joked after Julia's impressive score in the first round dropped to a two in the second round. Bernandin called Howard the Duck his daddy.

In addition to having a mother named Martha, Batman and Superman both have irritable bowel syndrome and great hair.

Kevin Smith serenaded the audience singing "I want to bust that body, oh yeah, oh yeah," from the classic Prince song, "I Want to Bust that Body" from the 1989 Batman movie.

"When a man loves his power very very much, roofs are just gonna fly off, that's gonna happen," Shawna said descibing why Cyclops blew up the train roof in the first X-Men.
"Nobody ever gives the Hoff less than a 10," said Needham.

Julia referenced Clerks, saying she's "not even supposed to be here today,"  to a round of applause. Smith said "Hey, I think I've seen that movie."
Bernandin called mullets dumb and said that Superman likely won't have one in Justice League because "the movies aren't THAT dumb."

Smith called Aquaman code for "hurry the fuck up."

Kevin Smith Dishes Out Movie Trivia At SDCC 2017

Shawna ended up winning the contest and didn't win a damn thing. Kevin Smith instead gave an Amazon Fire to the member of the audience who stumped Kevin Smith (and the panel) on a trivia question.

The first question up stumped the team by asking how many staircases there were in Hogwarts. Unfortunately, the audience disqualified him because it was considered book trivia instead ofmovie trivia. The correct answer for all you Potter nerds out there is 142 apparently.

While he didn't win the prize, Smith said that he believes "that information should get you laid."

Feldman wanted to give the tablet to a little girl before she even answered the question but Smith stopped him because he didn't want to give a kid a prize for doing nothing.

Turns out she had a great question in her pocket asking what number issue the Superman v Spider-Man fight took place in.

Smith, on a wild guess, said #1, and nailed the answer.

"I like to come to Comic-Con and beat little girls," he joked right before giving the tablet to the young fan.

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