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Space Prison
Indie game developer Wooden Alien and publisher Firesquid revealed their upcoming game Space Prison will be released into Early Access this April This game is a mix of several genres as they have taken a survival game and given it tactical RPG elements mixed with turn-based brawls and social skill mechanics, as you will have[...]
USC: Counterforce Launches Into Early Access Today
Indie game developer Angry Cat Studios and publisher Firesquid announced today they have added a new game mode to USC: Counterforce The game will be a part of Steam's Strategy Fest starting today and running all the way until September 4th, and since the game is already in Early Access, they decided to add something[...]
USC: Counterforce
Firesquid Games and Angry Cat Studios revealed their latest game today as USC: Counterforce is coming to PC in Q1 2023 This will take you back to late '90s/early '00s versions of tactical squad shooter titles as you'll be taking your team into dangerous sci-fi scenarios where you'll need to breach and clear in some[...]