ABC's Deception: Writer/EP Chris Fedak on Conjuring the Magic of NYC

Using every trick in the book and inventing new ones, he will help the government catch the world’s most elusive criminals while staging the biggest illusions of his career. Best known for co-creating NBC's action-comedy/spy-drama series Chuck with Josh Schwartz, writer/executive producer Fedak has also served as writer and executive producer on ABC's Forever and the CW's Legends of[...]

The CW Seed Streams Forever

Another series that debuted the same year and only got one season was Forever on ABC It starred Ioan Gruffudd, Judd Hirsch and Alana De La Garza and focused on a medical examiner that was immortal If he died, he would be reborn instantly in the middle of the river.. which led to some awkward[...]

Ioan Gruffudd Responds To His Series Being Cancelled

Ioan Gruffudd responded to the news that his ABC series Forever was not being renewed by posting this very touching note to his Instagram page Forever was one of the surprised of the new season for me and I enjoyed it and hoped it would get a second season, but it didn't work out that[...]

Agents Of SHIELD And The Flash Rise On Big Night

This also rolled well into Forever which was up to 5.2 million viewers.Meanwhile on the CW, the first part of the two-part crossover with Arrow kicked The Flash's ratings up 22% in its demo to a total of 4.2 million viewers, best numbers since the second episode Though it didn't do much for Supernatural as[...]

One Keeper And One Cancelled For ABC

This week the network ran back to back episodes but the best the show could do was a o.9 rating or roughly 3.5 million viewers.On the other hand the new drama Forever only pulled in a 1.1 or 5 million viewers and got an order for nine more episodes which makes it a full season[...]

Forever, And A Day At New York Comic Con

By Amanda GurallExecutive Producer Matt Miller and the lead actors of ABC's Forever (Tuesdays at 10/9 central) visited us this last weekend at NYCC to show a few clips and discuss the show.  Now I usually avoid a lot of prime time shows due to most of them being awful, but I did watch the[...]

ABC's Forever – Or How To Frankenstein Together A Television Show

So I’m holding judgment on the new series until a second episode airs… which has happened already for the new ABC series Forever.If you haven't seen the episodes yet, there are minor spoilers here that you would find in the show synopsis So be warned.On the surface it comes across like a Frankenstein’s monster of[...]

Gotham Starts Strong Up Against Popular The Big Bang Theory

I would expect Gotham's numbers to increase as the we progresses and the DVR numbers are added with the +3 and +7 data.Scorpion debuted after BBT and pulled in a 3.3 rating, but how it does once it's lead-in returns to its normal night and time slot will be the real test.The Black List returned[...]

What's On Tonight – Gotham, The Black List And More

This won't be a regular column, but thought it could be helpful as all the new shows start to premier.Just focusing on the primetime hours here:ABC8 - 10 PM: Dancing With The Stars - Second week of performances.10 - 11PM: Forever - A fatal subway collision is investigated in the opener of this series, in which[...]

First Look And Teaser For ABC's Forever Starring Ioan Gruffudd

In ABC's new series Forever, New York medical examiner Dr Henry Morgan has been alive for 200 years and has no idea why Former Mr Fantastic Ioan Gruffudd plays Morgan and he is joined on his search for answers by his best friend Abe (Judd Hirsh) and his partner Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza). The[...]

Selling The Geek – A Look At 2014/2015 Trailers From ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW

Knight Shyamalan comeback should get people tuning in early...but will they be patient enough to stay? And as for Shyamalan...if he's more in The Happening/After Earth zone here than a The Sixth Sense/Unbreakable/Signs zone, the show won't last a half-season.ABCForever[youtube][/youtube]I'm curious to see how much of a “mythology” they build around this show, or is[...]

First Promo For Immortal Detective Show, Forever

Another of this autumn's new shows is Forever, a detective procedural with a twist Simply put, the lead character is immortal and has been around for a very long time.[youtube][/youtube]Okay, that's really got some potential I'm hoping it comes off And Ioan Gruffudd's good, and I'm glad to see him get one of these slightly-battered[...]

Timur Bekmembetov Tells Me About Gareth Edwards' Robot Movie, Forever

It's going to be called Forever The story line takes place in a (largely) post-human future, populated with robots There will be some human characters, however, including a young boy who, I understand, is one of the two leads. It seems likely to me that the title will refer to the immortal lifespan of the robots,[...]

Brendon McCarthy's Cover To Reboot Forever

Beach Creative Studios are putting out a second ReBoot Artbook following their The Art of ReBoot in 2007. And here's the first look at ReBoot co-creator Brendon McCarthy's cover. The book contains concept art from McCarthy and other Mainframe artists, and a sizeable pin-up section. The book will debut at Fan Expo Canada in August, […]