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Forza Horizon 3
The patch that will see Forza Horizon 3 make the promised jump to 4K on the Xbox One X is now live. Driving games for a long, long time have often been the ones used for technical prowess As games evolve, when it comes to photo-realism, the racing sim genre almost always has the most impressive[...]
Final Fantasy XV's Regalia Is Coming To Forza Horizon 3
Starting on August 1, qualifying Xbox One and PC users will get to take a spin in Final Fantasy XV's iconic luxury car, The Regalia, in Forza Horizon 3 Because you've always wanted to take the Regalia off-roading and race it against your buddy's shiny Lamborghini (hint: the Regalia is not a supercar) Because driving[...]
Finally, The Original Xbox Titles Will Now Be Backwards Compatible
If anything, Halo: Combat Evolved would have been a more likely candidate. With that announcement came the addition that five specific games currently on Xbox One would be getting a free 4K upgrade on the Xbox One X: Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2 and Minecraft In fact, 4K was basically[...]
'Last Stitch Goodnight' & 'Demon's Crystals' Among Releases For May 9-15
Remember, choose wisely, and don't forget to have fun. May 9 Birthdays the Beginning (PS4) Blade & Bones (PS4) Bloons TD 5 (PS4) Butcher (PS4, XB1) Elliot Quest (PS4, XB1) Forza Horizon 3 – "Hot Wheels Expansion DLC" (XB1, PC) Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (PS4) Human Fall Flat (PS4) Last Stitch Goodnight (PS4, PC) LEGO Dimensions "Goonies" Level Pack (All systems) Lethal League (PS4, XB1) LocoRoco Remastered[...]
Forza Horizon 3
Microsoft announced today that, as of December 2016, the entire Forza franchise has made over $1 billion in retail sales. "As of December, more than 14 million unique players were involved in the Forza community on Xbox One and WIndows 10, the award-winning Forza Horizon 3 sold throuh 2.5 million units, and Forza continued its run as the best-selling[...]
Forza Horizon 3 All-Stars Car Pack Shown Off In New Trailer
I've been chipping away at Forza Horizon 3 the last few days, and it is striking just how much fun the game is If you liked previous games in the series, this is one you should defintely check out as it feels like the more perfected formula. The game already has some DLC out now too[...]
Forza Horizon 3 Demo Is Out Now
They've somewhat been replaced with 'betas' for online games, but usualy, it is rare we get to play a game in the comfort of our own home before release anymore. Forza Horizon 3 is going a different way though The title has now released an Xbox One demo meaning you can spend a fairly decent amount[...]
Halo's Warthog Is Coming To Forza Horizon 3 As Game Goes Gold
Forza Horizon 3 has gone gold, and it has a surprise to celebrate. As announced on Xbox Wire, Forza Horizon 3 will be welcoming the Halo Warthog to the roster It's said that to get it in game at launch, it will: be sent as a free download to everyone who has played eitherHalo 5: Guardians or Halo:[...]
Forza Horzon 3 Gets It's First Trailer And We Are Going To Australia
Forza Horizon 3 has long been speculated over, with Turn10's franchise fitting into a cycle of every two years, alternating with the mainline games. That's why it is no surprise to see the game here (also, it was leaked a little earlier), but that doesn't mean it won't please fans of the series all the same[...]