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Flash Gordon's Balsa Wood Plane From Dell's Four Color #247
Four Color Comics was published by Dell between 1939 and 1962, with an irregular publishing pattern, everywhere from one to six issues a month, with each comic book featuring a different story, a different franchise, with very little in common between them The final issue being issue #1354, it holds the record for most issues[...]
Four Color #79 Mickey Mouse (Dell, 1945)
Dell Comics' Four Color ran for 1354 issues from 1942-1962 and is one of the most important and successful titles in American comic book history.  Four Color comprises a number of important issues and features during this incredibly diverse run, including Flash Gordon, Donald Duck, Little Lulu, Turok, Road Runner, Barbie, Bullwinkle and Rocky, Twilight[...]
Four Color #147 Donald Duck (Dell, 1947)
His career as a creator has inspired numerous books and websites (I found Duck Comics Review and useful in researching this post).  His work continues to find new fans in each successive generation.  And as evidenced by yesterday's results at this week's 2021 June 17 – 19 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction from[...]
The First Mickey Mouse Comic Appearance Is Up For Auction Right Now
Mickey Mouse made his first comic appearance in Four Color #16, starring in the story "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot." It is a really fun story; I was actually lucky enough to flip through an incomplete copy of the book a few years back and was sad the book was in such rough shape[...]
An Iconic Uncle Scrooge Comic Is On Auction Today At Heritage
Uncle Scrooge fans are legion, as with all Disney fans, and one of the holy grails in the Disney Comics world is a copy of Four Color #386 This is the first appearance of the rich duck on a comic cover and generally thought to be the start of the Uncle Scrooge comic itself Increasingly[...]