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Boom! Cancels Freaks Squeele
But it seems now that not even one issue will be released. Freaks Squeele is a French manga series by Florent Maudoux is a superhero university book focusing on Chance, a demon girl, Wolfshade, a werewolf, and Xiong Mao, who has no superpowers and is described as "a fun story that fans of X-Men, Teen Titans, and Jimmy Palmiotti[...]
Archaia Continues To Bring Us Stories From All Over The World With Freaks Squeele
Freaks Squeele, written and illustrated by Florent Maudoux, is a new series releasing this June Much like March of the Crabs, this is another book being translated for English speaking audiences Archaia continues their wonderful tradition of bringing us stories from all over the world Freaks Squeele combines elements of European comics, manga, and American[...]