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All Sixty Free Comic Book Day 2014 Comics Reviewed – The Round Up
The reality is that any decent cross-section of these books is bound to give you a feel for where comics are headed right now, and why there's so much exciting growth going on in genres, styles, and the medium itself. 31 Comics Reviewed By Rich Johnston: I've had the chance to read a good batch of this[...]
Twenty-Four (More) Reviews Of Twenty-Four Free Comic Book Day 2014 Titles – Avatar: The Last Airbender, Far From Wonder, Rise Of The Magi, Entropy, Worlds of Aspen, FCBD Previews, Tesla/Wayward Sons, Shadow Children/Darchon, Pandora's Blogs/Duel Identity, The First Daughter/Magika, Valiant Universe Handbook, Armor Hunters, Top Shelf Kids Club, The Smurfs, Power Rangers, Finding Gossamyr/Past The Last Mountain, Magic Wind, Project Black Sky, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon, 2000AD, Skyward/Midnight Tiger, Zombie Tramp/Ehmm Theory, Ipso Facto
Rich Johnston, myself, and Ed Saul parceled up the Free Comic Book Day offerings amongst ourselves to read and review, and some were that ones that I was