'Card Sharks': ABC Taps Joel McHale to Host Summer Game Show Revival

John will serve as showrunner for Fremantle's revival with Jack Martin and Jennifer Mullin in executive producing duties.With the game changing throughout the years, McHale decided to add his own "special touch" to the revival as the show prepares for filming: “I'm very excited to be hosting Card Sharks Game winners can win tens of thousands[...]

Neil Gaiman, Jim Henson Company Revamping 'The Storyteller' at Fremantle

The story goes that Henson based the series off daughter Lisa Henson's studies of myths and folktales, resulting in a rich show that tickled the imagination.It would appear that a new version of The Storyteller is coming to Fremantle Media from acclaimed author Neil Gaiman and The Jim Henson Company, which Lisa Henson is the CEO and[...]

American Gods Showrunner Jesse Alexander Asked to Stop Working on Season 2

According to exclusive reporting from The Hollywood Reporter based on numerous sources, while the word "fired" has not been used by Starz, Fremantle, or Alexander's representatives, he has effectively been "fired but not fired”: not replaced, but removed from every aspect of production. "We are all working very hard to make American Gods the series that[...]

American Gods Season 2: Bruce Langley Confirms Production Start on Starz Series

We've watched as things got a little nasty between out-going showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and Fremantle; and between Gaiman and The Hollywood Reporter Starz stumbled when it came to having a clear, concise message to calm nervous fans It also seems that Fremantle is looking for a new Media, confirming Gillian Anderson's earlier comments that she[...]