Fyre Fraud

Why I Cant Stop Watching Fyre Fest and Theranos Documentaries

Why I Can't Stop Watching Fyre Fest and Theranos Documentaries

However, there are four things that I keep starting up in the background while I work and those are; Netflix's Fyre, Hulu's Fyre Fraud, the 2020 episode The Dropout, and the HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley Also known as four documentaries and news pieces about two of the biggest con artists and[...]

Ja Rule Comments on Fyre Docs Still Doesnt Take Responsibility

Ja Rule Comments on Fyre Docs; Still Doesn't Take Responsibility

for their part in the fraudulent, poor handling of the Fyre Fest.https://twitter.com/Ruleyork/status/1087001187231109120https://twitter.com/Ruleyork/status/1087018714707431426Ja Rule continued, pointing out the already-discussed-at-length decision by Hulu's Fyre Fraud documentary filmmaker's choice to pay Fyre organizer Billy McFarland for his appearance in their film, and suggests the money should have gone to pay the Bahamian workers who still haven't received a cent.[Editor's note:[...]

Lets Talk About the 2 Fyre Festival Documentaries Shall We

Lets Talk About the 2 Fyre Festival Documentaries, Shall We?

It happens far less often with documentaries, but the first month of 2019 changes that with streaming giants Hulu and Netflix BOTH releasing documentaries about one of the most infamous events of the modern age: The Fyre Festival.The Hulu documentary came out of nowhere, with a trailer drop earlier this week:https://twitter.com/hulu/status/1084842577118007297So, we watched Fyre Fraud,[...]