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Dead or Alive 6
Koei Tecmo put out an announcement just ahead of Gamescom tomorrow that two iconic characters will be returning to the series with Dead or Alive 6 Specifically, Hitomi and Leifang have been confirmed for the roster, alongside a new interactive stage Those at Gamescom will be able to check out both new characters and the new[...]
Blizzard's Schedule for Gamescom 2018 Has Been Revealed
As we get closer to Gamescom 2018, we are now seeing the final plans of major studios for the event, including the latest from Blizzard Below is some information that was released on Gamescom's official app and reposted in several forums, detailing what the company plans to do on Wednesday, August 22nd While details are[...]
Indie Arena Booth 2018 Releases Their Entire Gamescom Lineup
The crew behind the Indie Arena Booth 2018 released their complete list of games coming to Gamescom in a couple weeks You can check out the list below curated from a few different websites, as well as on their website, and we have a full trailer for you to check out below The lineup is actually[...]
SEGA Formally Announces Their Complete Lineup for Gamescom 2018
This morning, SEGA sent out a notice to media and fans as to what they'll be bringing to Gamescom 2018 this year, and we're getting an interesting lineup Their booth is basically going to be rocking as they have several titles both familiar to people at this point and new The entire lineup includes Total[...]
dead or alive 6 gamescom tease
Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have teased that they will be revealing two new characters for Dead or Alive 6 at Gamescom this year During EVO 2018, as the Dead or Alive tournament was taking place, the company made the announcement along with an official Twitter post about it featuring two women characters posing in silhouette[...]
Konami Reveals Their Complete Lineup for Gamescom 2018
Here's the complete details for you to check out, as we wait for Gamescom to happen August 21st-25th. credit//Konami A dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! booth will also be set up in hall 5.2/E039, where attendees can get their hands on the latest product additions to the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, learn how to play, compete in tournaments and play KONAMI's massively[...]
THQ Nordic Announces Its Full Gamescom 2018 Lineup
More and more companies are revealing what they have on the way for Gamescom this year, and today we get a look at what THQ Nordic is bringing Right now, the list of games they'll be bringing to Cologne, Germany are Darksiders III, Biomutant, Generation Zero, Fade to Silence, Townsmen VR, and Wreckfest Honestly, none of[...]
Bandai Namco Logo
It's going to be an interesting Gamescom this year as companies like Bandai Namco are now slowly rolling out their plans for the event Before the company heads over to German this August, they decided to reveal their lineup of what will be available for fans to play Those games include Jump Force, SoulCalibur VI, Dragon Ball FighterZ[...]
Devil May Cry 5
If you want more information on Devil May Cry 5, you'll need to wait until Gamescom rolls around in August for the next update The video below shows Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno speaking a bit about the game to Inside Xbox during E3 where we first got the announcement trailer for the game He gives a few[...]
Several Companies Already on Board for Gamescom
We haven't even hit PAX East yet and we're already hearing talk about all the planning is done for Gamescom, as several companies have already signed up to be a part of the annual event According to DualShockers, which we have a snippet from their coverage below, there's already a dozen different high-profile companies on[...]
Devcom Will Return for 2018 with Increased Diversity and an Optimized Schedule
Devcom is the developer conference part of Gamescom, and after it's first run last year, it looks like the conference is returning with a vengeance This time around, the convention organizer Aruba Events GmbH has announced their plans to increase the diversity and optimization of the convention. The key change to this year is the conference's timeframe:[...]
Seven: The Days Long Gone Has Gifted Us With A Gameplay Trailer
IMGN.PRO is presenting some new Seven: The Days Long Gone gameplay just in time for Gamescom and PAX West The new video focuses on Teriel who, as a Master of Thieves, has quite a lot of useful skills, including invisibility, flash and chromosphere…  And to be fair, he is also quite good at setting traps, sneaking[...]
PES League World
Those attending this year's Gamescom, though, will get a chance to sample the PES 2018 demo before it debuts worldwide on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 later this month. The demo will be offline only with players able to take part in both exhibition and co-op modes on the PlayStation 4 and[...]
Life Is Strange new characters
Deck Nine have answered that question with a new trailer from Gamescom: introduce new characters Before the game comes out on August 31, we're introduced to a new character named Rachel Amber, who will play a vital part int he first chapter called "Awake". There's a lot of powerful emotions happening in this first chapter and a[...]