Scalebound Reveal Shows Ludicrous Dragon-Action Gameplay

I didn't really know what to make of Scalebound after it was debuted at E3. The dragon, Beats headphone hybrid was a bit of a mystery, except I knew it was coming from Platinum Games, so I was excited for it.

No longer though. At Microsoft's Gamescom conference, we caught the first look at gameplay, and it is pretty eclectic. It is a game where you fight alongside a dragon, killing dudes who are scared of you and other monsters who want to eat you. It plays something like Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy infused with heavy techno music. It looks super silly, but I kind of love the look of it for that. Also, the game looks gorgeous. it is so very Platinum and that is what I wanted.

Take a look:

It was announced the game would be coming in holiday 2016, which is rad by me.