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Garfield: Homecoming #1 cover by Andy Hirsch and Sara Talmadge

Garfield Homecoming #1 Review: Light on Jokes and Long on Story

The premise of Jon using a cat-raising handbook to justify the misery he causes the orange cat amounts to a dated joke about parenting handbooks from a decade ago.[caption id="attachment_808663" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Garfield Homecoming #1 art by Sara Talmadge[/caption]Antonio Alfara handles two pages out of the book, and it looks like the classic style of[...]

See Garfield Like You've Never Seen Him Before in Garfield: Homecoming This June

Garfield, everybody's favorite cartoon cat — okay, in your top ten, at least — is getting a new 4-issue mini-series called Garfield: Homecoming from BOOM! Studios this June. Scott Nickel is writing the comic, which will feature a different artist on each issue. The first of those is Sara Talmadge, who offers a take on […]