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Interior preview page from Gene Simmons' Dominatrix #4
Gene Simmons' Dominatrix #4 is hitting the comic racks come November 1st, with final order cutoff happening this Monday, Octuber 2nd And in case you were wondering, here's the pitch for this epic masterpiece, courtesy of the folks at Opus Comics: From the mind of the legendary Gene Simmons comes an action epic flavored with fetish[...]
Wolverine is the Best at What He Does with Iron Studios New Statue 
The Demon is here as the one and only Gene Simmons is ready to rock and roll Coming in at 10.2" tall, the darkness rises as the bassist and co-lead singer, The Demon, is packed with detail From his signature makeup, outfit, and tongue, everything you know and love about The Demon is faithfully captured[...]
Preview page from JUL231039 Gene Simmons' Dominatrix #3, by (W) Holly Interlandi (A) S. L. Gallant, Maria Keane (CA) Jim Balent, in stores Wednesday, September 20, 2023 from OPUS COMICS
Scrap your plans because Gene Simmons' Dominatrix #3 is on final order cutoff on Monday Yes, KISS frontman Gene Simmons has bestowed upon us another chapter of his latex-clad hero navigating the drug dens of Bangkok, with a new issue of the comic based on his story written by Holly Interlandi with art by SL[...]
Preview page from JUN231287 Gene Simmons' Dominatrix #2, by (W) Holly Interlandi (A) S. L. Gallant, Maria Keane (CA) Jim Balent, in stores Wednesday, August 9, 2023 from OPUS COMICS
Brace your delicate sensibilities or gather your whips and chains – depending on your inclination towards Gene Simmons' particular brand of entertainment – because 'Gene Simmons' Dominatrix #2' is on final order cuttoff this Monday, July 11th, ahead of dropping into our horrifying reality on Wednesday, August 9th If you want to reserve a copy,[...]
The Evanescence: Echoes Of The Void graphic novel leads Opus Comics' August 2023 solicitations, followed by work from the Frazettaverse and the Sanjuliánverse, Gene Simmons' Dominatrix and Devin Townsend's Ziltoid is a mix of classic fantasy comics and musician-licensed comic book creation. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1[...]
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN / USA - March 9, 2019: KISS performs live at Van Andel Arena (Tony Norkus /
Producing will be Leslie Greif, who did the same for lead singer Gene Simmons' reality TV series Family Jewels for the network Greif's Big Dreams Entertainment will produce with Critical Content, whose Jenny Daly will exec produce alongside Greif, according to Deadline Hollywood It comes on the heels of Netflix's plans on a biopic for[...]
March 9, 2019: KISS performs live at Van Andel Arena. Editorial credit: Tony Norkus /
Bandleaders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons will be heavily involved in the creative process, because of course they will be, and they will be the focal point of the film The news was revealed by Deadline. March 9, 2019: KISS performs live at Van Andel Arena Editorial credit: Tony Norkus / KISS Makes Netflix Lick It[...]
Super Weird Heroes v2.1: Gene Simmons, Steve Ditko, and Hand Gestures of Power
You have to see how all those things fit together to be a good comics historian. Credit: Steve Ditko / phot: JStone That's why I was also unsurprised, when I started reading Super Weird Heroes Volume 2, to see that Yoe contributed to a fanzine title called Wonderment in the 1960s alongside another frequent fanzine contributor of[...]
2018 Spelling Bee Spotlight: A Look at Some of This Year's Student Spellers
Doughty School (Age 14 – 8th Grade) Favorite Sports Figure: Tom Brady Favorite TV Show: The X-Files Favorite Musician: Gene Simmons Credit: Scripps National Spelling Bee Speller #218: Aaron Marcev (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) Sponsor/School: Presbyterian Christian High School (Age 11 – 6th Grade) Favorite Book: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton Favorite Sports Figure: Drew Brees Favorite Subject: Chemistry Credit: Scripps National Spelling Bee Speller #231: Pragya Choudhary[...]
But that's not the only comic Gene Simmons is involved with He has his own series, Dominatrix, that he has brought back at Arcana with Erik Hendrix writing and Kewber Baal doing the art Baal is also the artist on Dynamite's Kiss series, so obviously Gene really liked his work.  They synopsis for the first issue[...]
Gene Simmons Gets His Own KISS Miniseries From Chu, Burnham And Cassallos
With the upcoming debut of KISS #1 from writer Amy Chu and artist Kewber Baal, Dynamite Entertainment announces the first spinoff series, KISS: The Demon. Co-written by Chu (Poison Ivy) and Erik Burnham (Back to the Future), with art by Eman Cassallos (Vampirella), the series focuses on the band's bass player and co-founder Gene Simmons. Before Blackwell, before Morpheus,[...]
Jim Balent Drawn, Gene Simmons Approved
With Dynamite's upcoming KISS comic series debuting in October, Broadsword Comics' Jim Balent was tapped to do a retailer exclusive for Midtown Comics focusing on the Demon himself, Gene Simmons It seems if you draw him, he will come Balent posted a photos up on his Facebook page showing himself with the bass player /[...]
Amy Chu And Kewber Baal Return KISS To Comics With Dynamite At San Diego Comic Con
Francesco Francavilla (Afterlife with Archie) and series artist Kewber Baal contribute additional covers, while other cover editions include a photo variant, a "Demon" Emoji variant by Maria Victoria Robado (the first in a series of four, spread across issues #1-4), a Coloring Book cover by Fernando Ruiz, a Blank Authentix Edition, and a cardstock variant[...]
SDCC '15: Scooby Doo! And KISS: An Interview With Kevin Shinick
Or peanut butter and boas as the case would be. WR: What are some of the challenges of writing a fictionalized version of a character knowing that the real life person will eventually perform that dialogue?  Did Gene Simmons find any of the dialogue "un-Gene Simmons like"? KS: Much to my relief, Gene was very happy with[...]
Kiss Meets The Scooby Gang
The band, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer will provide the voices for their animated counterparts. Scooby-Doo And Kiss: Rock And Roll Mystery will be in stores July 21st. When I was in elementary school, the band Kiss was everywhere including my TV in a movie called Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The[...]