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Heavy Metal Cancels Cold Dead War Orders

Heavy Metal Cancels "Cold Dead War" Orders

Another was a sequel series called Cold Dead War written by George C Romero, described in solicitations as "the official sequel to the well-known Heavy Metal animated film segment B-17" There is also a pinball machine using imagery from the original story in both the artwork and the mechanism.Bleeding Cool established that Dan O'Bannon's estate, run[...]

Maiden Taarna Black Beacon Rise Heavy Metal December 2020 Solicits

Maiden, Taarna, Black Beacon, Rise, Heavy Metal December 2020 Solicits

Big launches for Heavy Metal Magazine in December, with Maiden by the legendary Bart Sears, a new Taarna series by Stephanie Phillips and Patrick Zircher, The Rise from George C. Romero and Diego Yapur and Black Beacon from Ryan Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz – a number of which also appear in December's Heavy Metal Magazine […]

George C Romeros Cold Dead War in Heavy Metal October 2020 Solicits

George C Romero's Cold Dead War in Heavy Metal October 2020 Solicits

George C Romero is writing a comic book launching from Heavy Metal in October 2020, Cold Dead War #1 drawn by German Ponce, while Heavy Metal Magazine also serialise George C Romero's The Rise, his prequel to the film Night of the Living Dead. We also get the launch of Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo's Savage Circus,[...]