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Dave Chappelle: How Comedy "Lost" Its Way – And Can Find Its Way Back [OPINION]

Is doing that creating any dialogue or talk about serious issues when you’re just a simple "ignore/block" button away from doing away with the "inconveniences"? If we didn’t expose ourselves to the wide spectrum of ideas - including the unpopular ones - how can we challenge ourselves?’s comedy is reflective of other counte-rculture comedians like[...]

'Bill and Ted: Face the Music' Scheduled to Shoot Summer 2019

They come across Rufus (George Carlin), a mysterious figure who travels in a phone booth (remember those?), which is actually a time machine They receive a history lesson of a lifetime traveling through time and kidnapping prominent figures in history like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan of Arc, Socrates, and Billy the Kid.[caption id="attachment_843885" align="aligncenter"[...]