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IDW Cancels All Three Issues Of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Blind Prophet

IDW Publishing has solicited a new series, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Blind Prophet – but today has cancelled all three solicited issues of the series, without explanation. Solicited as 'a never-before-seen chapter of the Ghost Recon game series' it looks like it will remain never-seen, Before the events of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Nomad and Walker are […]

Ubisoft is Going To Try and Fix "Ghost Recon: Breakpoint"

Ubisoft is Going To Try and Fix "Ghost Recon: Breakpoint"

Ubisoft knows it dropped the ball with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint in a big way. Now, the developer is looking to try and fix it. Ubisoft took to its official blog with a post discussing the game's "rougher than expected" first few weeks on sale. There was also discussion of a few important areas the team […]

"Ghost Recon Breakpoint" Shows Off PvP Mode At Gamescom

Ubisoft came to Gamescom 2019 this week with their own reveal as they showed off Ghost Recon Breakpoint's 4-v-4 PvP mode, Ghost War. Set to a remix of Blur's "Song 2", the new mode will have you playing on a small map with a collapsing circle like a battle royale mode, constantly pushing both sides […]

Ubisoft Releases Four Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Trailers at E3

Ubisoft Releases Four "Ghost Recon: Breakpoint" Trailers at E3

Ubisoft took a decent chunk of time at their E3 showcase to discuss Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. In fact, the whole segment included four major announcements, with four major trailers. The game got a new gameplay trailer, a story trailer, a community program, and a casting announcement for the game's protagonist Walker. The "We Are Brothers" Gameplay […]

Ubisoft Confirms Ghost Recon Announcement Later This Week

Last week Ubisoft teased an upcoming Ghost Recon announcement with advertisements for the fictional "Skellcon" and they've now confirmed that, yes, a major announcement is coming later this week. As we previously reported, "Skellcon" is a reference Skell Technology, a fictional corporation from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. The convention is supposed to take place on May […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is Adding Lootboxes Soon

Ubisoft has announced that the Ghost Recon: Wildlands is adding loot boxes in the near future. The debate about loot boxes has indeed been a prickly one in recent months. From Destiny 2 to Shadow of War to the massive fallout of over Star Wars Battlefront 2, that debate between publisher and consumer has been pretty heated. […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands' New Update Gives Veteran Players A New Tier 1 Mode

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have updated Ghost Recon: Wildlands today to give end-game veteran players something else to do with their time in the fictional narco-state of Bolivia. That new challenge is coming in the form of the brand new Tier 1 mode. After maxing out at level 30, players can choose to activate Tier […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Next DLC 'Fallen Ghosts' Will Release At The End Of The Month

Today, Ubisoft announced that the second expansion for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, called Fallen Ghosts, will be available to season pass owners on May 30th, 2017. The expansion will release for individual purchase for all players a week later, on June 6th, 2017. Fallen Ghosts takes place after the fall of the Santa Blanca […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands' First DLC Launches Next Week, But Here Are The Details

The first expansion for Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, called Narco Road, will release on April 25 for $14.99 for all platforms. Season pass holders will have access to the DLC a full week before, on April 18. In Narco Road, players will be working to gain the trust of three new gang bosses, who are […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands A Review In Full

I've finally managed to get myself through all of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and it only took me about two weeks. And for all that, there's very little in this final review that won't have been brought up in my review in progress from launch day. I'm still terrible at driving, the drone thing is still weird […]

It's Fun, But… – A Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review In Progress

Alright so, try as hard as I might, there was no way I was finishing all of Ghost Recon: Wildlands in the four days of lead-time I got from Ubisoft.  But I promised I would get you all a review, and so I'm doing one while still in progress and then a final one when […]

Methinks The Bolivian Government Doth Protest Ghost Recon: Wildlands Too Much

After the success of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the Bolivian government has lodged a formal complaint with the French embassy in La Paz over the game. Their complaint? Wildlands portrays Bolivia in a negative light. Which, it sort of does. Granted there are moments of sympathy. One of the first pieces of dialogue in the game […]

The Beta For Ghost Recon: Wildlands Had Over 6.8 Million Players

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta this past weekend was the largest beta event at Ubisoft so far. Some of the stats from the beta are pretty mind-boggling- over the course of just four days Ghost Recon players logged a collective 34 million hours and killed over 1.2 billion cartel members. Players also logged a collective […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta Starts February 23rd

Ubisoft has finally given Ghost Recon: Wildlands and open beta date. And it's February 23-25th with pre-loading available on Tuesday. We told you about the end of the closed beta and the upcoming open beta the other day, but now those who missed the closed beta can get in on the action with a new map – the […]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Will Get A New Map In The Open Beta

After the closing of the closed beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, an email went out from Ubisoft confirming that the Open Beta would boast new content that fans haven't seen yet including a new province to explore though they have yet to tell us which. While many players were disappointed at the lack of difficulty in […]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Action Trailer Has Best Use Of Cat In A While

Ghost Recon Wildlands is now finding itself in a very competitive March. From the Nintendo Switch launch which could bring Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a new Mario title, to Mass Effect: Andromeda to Horizon: Zero Dawn (if you are in Europe), it's an incredibly stacked month. To stand out, Ubisoft have gone with […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Will Have An Open Beta Before Release

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has potential from what I've played of it. Getting a crew together to take on drug dealers in a really open map could be a lot of chaotic fun if done right. I do however think it is a weird sell to those who won't quite wrap their head around its openness. Luckily, […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Has Shown It's Trailer And First Gameplay At E3

I didn't have a great handle on what Ghost Recon: Wildlands was after its debut last year, with an open world, drug busting, adventure…thing promised, but it didn't exactly bring an idea to mind. This year, they started with a cinematic trailer, showing off some bad dudes, messing with some bad business, but it had […]